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Cayuga-Memorial Day

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Launched from Deans at 3:30pm and set up about two miles south of there. Took my neighbor's son Salman and his friend Abdul. They had never been fishing on a boat so I wanted to make sure we got them into some fish. 6 rod spread included two downriggers with f/f, two dispeys with f/f and two lead cores on planner boards with jointed rapalas- a three and five color. For the first hour and a half just one hit, then a flurry of 3 hits in a few minutes when we went into some shallower water around 60-70 feet. Ended up with 5 nice lakers and a few lost fish. Very polite and appreciative boys- couldn't thank me enough. Wanted to get them into a salmon but probably should have set up with a shallower program. This is the earliest I've ever fished this part of the lake so wasn't sure what I'd run into. It was 51 degrees down 45ft and 57 on top. Everything took hits. 

IMG_2476.heic IMG_4591.heic IMG_2476.heic

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