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I'm a few days late on this report because I have been busy so here goes. This is my first report in about 6 years since I sold my old boat and all my equipment. Got back in to it this year and am currently buying all the equipment all over again. We went out of Mexico bay mid day. Had the wife and our 4 year old daughter for a short fishing day. We started in 30 fow didn't see a whole lot. Went to 50 fow started seeing a ton of bait and not many fish in it. We decided to head out to around 80 fow didn't see much so we spent the rest of our time in 50-60 and saw a ton of bait with a few fish. We managed to pick up 1 really nice Atlantic salmon and I was pretty happy with that seeing as how I have caught several hundred trout and salmon and have never managed to get an Atlantic before. So first fish on the new boat anyway. Fish are pretty scattered so hopefully the winds stabilize and the thermocline sets up. We talked to some other guys at the dock and they all had about the same luck. I ran a little bit of everything to see what was out there, a couple sticks near the top, spoons 30-45 down and one flasher fly down the middle. Caught the Atlantic on a chicken wing spoon, orange and gold.


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