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Recommendations for correct size and number of roller guides to install on 7' Talora wire diver rod

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I have pulled my 7' Shimano Talora inside diver rods (as well as my 9' Okuma Big Lake Tournament series outside diver rods) out of service in order to replace a number of the guides that have lost their inserts. Between the wire line and the fact that i store my diver rods up along the walk around wheel house, the guides on my divers rods seem to get beat up and I actually had to get some replacement rods for both my inside and outside diver setups that i hope will become backups for my refitted rods. Anyway I am planning to replace the guides on my original 7' inside diver rods 1st and see how it goes- if all goes well I'll continue with my 9' outside diver rods. I am planning to use Alps BRXSG 20-50lb rollers and keep using my existing Twilli tips. Anybody out there with rod building experience who could recommend roller guide spacing and or size of rollers please chime in. I have emailed a company that sells the Alps rollers as well so might get some help from that quarter. Oh BTW, yes I am going to be wrapping the guides myself without a rod machine and I am going to use coarse string and epoxy so these are not  gonna be fashion statement rods but I think they will actually turn out reasonably clean and very functionable.

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