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Father's day afternoon Oak orchard

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Hit the water around 1:30, with my son, daughter in law and a good buddy. 

Set up in 130 right in front of port and headed on a north troll. Meat on center dropped it down to 140 and had 49 on the probe. Marking fish and bait 

Got to 180 and our 10 color fired with a bite me Elmo spoon. Another steelhead in 240 on the meat bullfrog oki and a shenster. 

Little while later I see the meat rod jumping and my son grabs it. Something isn't right, steelhead took our 450 copper and shot right down in to the center rigger. Never took any drag off the reel, copper looked like a cat's cradle, handlined the steel head in. 

Headed back on a south east troll and picked up two small kings on meat. 120 down over 130. 

Turn east and start seeing bait and marks. Dropped our next 5 fish three on the ten colors. Put a uv 8in bullfrog paddle with a uv 190 and it takes a rip gone. Put it back down 2 minutes nice fish on dropped it. I'm not the smartest guy but I think might want to hit that mark again. Bang same rig fires again. Teenager. 

Ended up 7-12 great father's day. 

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