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2021 NYS Summer Classic Tournament Starts July 1st

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The statewide 2021 NYS Summer Classic Tournament kicks off on July 1st and features 3 events this year (enter one or all three):

1) Small Species Event (LMB, SMB, Rock Bass, Perch, Panfish, Crappie, Catfish) - $25/angler entry

2) Large Species Event (Salmon, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Steelhead/Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Pike/Tiger Musky, Land-Locked Salmon) - $25/angler entry

3) Lake Ontario Boat Event (Best 5 Salmon & Trout) - $125/boat entry (any fish caught on the boat is eligible for entry no matter who catches it)


Each event features a guaranteed cash payout (Top-3 for each species) based on the number of entrees (at least 80% with no cap, increases with increasing anglers), and Batavia Downs Casino has put together an awesome sponsorship package including free overnight accommodations for all 14 first place anglers the night of the awards ceremony plus up to 3 rooms for the 1st place boat in the LO Event and a $1,000 cash bonus award for the first place boat in the LO Boat event! Anglers can enter at any time, but must register the day before they wish to start entering fish.


All fish are entered in real-time using the Fish Donkey App via length pictures and/or videos. Bump boards are preferred for fish entry, however there is a second alternate protocol to enter fish if you do not have a bump board (see rules and regs for specifics). The awards ceremony will be on Sept. 18th at Batavia Downs after the 2021 NYS Fall Classic Sportsman Show. While youth anglers register and compete alongside the adults, we also reserve a large portion of the sponsored prizes to outfit the participating youth at the awards ceremony - often the highlight of the event!! Bringing the FUN back into tournament fishing, the Classic Events are both easy, secure, and 100% transparent - join today and see why they have a near 100% satisfaction rating among participating anglers and why so many events are switching over to this platform across the country!

The next generation of tournament events has begun - are you in yet?

Website: NYSSummerClassic.com


2021 SC Flier.jpg

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The 2021 NYS Summer Classic is underway! Announced today, all Top-3 anglers in all 14 species divisions will receive premium trophies thanks to a very generous sponsorship from Clingerman's Taxidermy! With an uncapped payout at 80%+ watch the amounts grow as more anglers join in the fun (the 2021 Winter Classic paid out over $10,500 in cash and gave away over $15,000 in prizes)! Youth at any age are encouraged to participate, especially in the Small Species Event where you don't need a boat to target the 7 included species: LMB, SMB, Rock Bass, Crappie, Perch, Panfish, and Catfish. 


The Classic events have continued to work hard to produce events that not only engage youth anglers, but also promote and work to sustain our fishery. Check out the latest improvements:

*Catch and release now available for ALL FISH. 

*100% of proceeds from apparel sales go towards LIFETIME YOUTH LICENSES.

*A portion of the event proceeds at higher participation levels go back into the fishery (stocking programs, pen rearing projects, youth fishing organizations, etc.). 

*Sportsman Shows that precede the awards ceremony, all held at the Batavia Downs Casino. 


Thank you to all those who support these efforts. We will strive to continue to develop the next generation of tournament events that are pro-angler, pro-fishery, pro-community, pro-youth-engagement, unbiased and 100% transparent. 

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**Tourney Update & Announcement**
We're halfway through the 2021 NYS Summer Classic Fishing Tournament, here are the current leaders:
Small Species Event:
Crappie: David Muir - 13.25"
SMB: Kathleen Muir - 20.00"
LMB: David Muir - 21.00"
Rock Bass: Jose Vuittonet - 10.75"
Panfish: Jared Raimo - 10.50"
Perch: David Muir - 14.00"
Catfish: Eric Scordo - 32.75"
Large Species Event:
Salmon: Frank Kohlbach - 38.25"
Brown Trout: Frank Kohlbach - 26.75"
Lake Trout: Guy Rosenbarker - 32.50"
Walleye: Bob Rustowicz - 31.25"
Land-Locked Salmon: Brandy Stone - 16.50"
Steelhead/Rainbow Trout: Brandy Stone - 26.00"
Pike/Tiger Musky: Frank Kohlbach - 37.00"
Lake Ontario Boat Event: David Urban - 181.00"
With 4 weeks left, there's lots of time left to get in the game and join the fun!! For those who register through the end of the event, make sure you sign-up the day before you wish to start entering fish: NYSsummerclassic.com
Tonight we would like to announce another sponsor award:
NYRA Awards in Rochester has sponsored the event with crystal and acrylic awards for the Boat Event (Crystal award for 1st place, acrylic awards for 2nd and 3rd). NYRA will also be attending the Fall Classic Sportsman Show on Sept. 18th at Batavia Downs. Thank you to NYRA for this great addition!
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