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4 hours ago, pike44 said:

Headed to Sodus point area for an annual trip next week.  I was told the water in the lake was much lower than usual,  and to low to access the lake from some launches? Anyone have any info on this? 

Yes the water level is really low..be careful if ur using the public launch.sheared my prop off because it's so low...I would suggest using Martin's marina up the road...its the old arnies marina...its 20 bucks but u should have no problem...if u do go out of the public my suggestion is go all the way to the end of the dock befor u go out..

Have fun be safe and good luck...let us know how u do

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Its 6 inches lower than its long term average as of Saturday. 




Not as far off as most seem to be making it out to be, but definitely better than it was a few months ago.  Lot of rain and still a heavy push from Erie is helping get her back up closer to normal.

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