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for sale : usa Okuma reel handles

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12 minutes ago, minion said:

I believe I think they have same keyed slot 

I got it for a dipsey reel but never used it 

i dont thing i need power handles. i went back to the listing on eBay where i bought mine and it says it comes with power handles. thank you for your answer.

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thanks for the info. but i have the daiwa sg17lca reels now and have power handles on them. but we lost 3 reels on erie this yr with mechanical problems and i contacted tunasreeltroubles.com about repairing them. i was told they no longer repair the sg17lca reels so i'm upgrading to the okuma cold water 203 reels and wanted to have the power handles and seen the ones i ordered has the power handles. i just hope the 203 is big enough for 150' of 16# ande line then 300' of 65# power pro braid for erie walleye.

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