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Depth Raider Support

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Has anyone had any recent experience with Depth Raider support? I replaced a probe over the winter that was lost on one of my final 2021 outings and first time out this year it's not working. I take the battery out and it's pretty warm telling me something is shorting internally. I have called support (262) 534-2202) no less than 30 times and left at least 5 voice mails and several emails describing my issue and begged for a return phone call. I have not gotten any response from them. Just wondering if the contact info has changed or if anyone has actually talked to them recently. Any help is appreciated! 

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I’ve found email to work for me in contacting them.  Bought a noise suppressor for my kicker last September and some Lund 45 degree track mounts this spring.  In both situations exchanged emails without any issues.  

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