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Installing roller tip


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I’m converting some rods I have to wire line duty. I want to install swivel roller tips. My question, for those of you have done it. Assuming I get the right size tip, can it just be epoxied on like I do with a twili tip? Everything I’ve found online shows them also wrapping and epoxying the thread. This is not a tuna rod but wanted to make sure I’m not missing something before I install it like I would a twili.





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I know there are rod builders on here that might offer more expert information but I have used both epoxy and super glue on the roller tips successfully. By successfully I mean that they have lasted for 30 plus years without problem but having the correct diameter tip for the particular rod is important too. The tips don't require wrapping but the fit should be snug. The downside of superglue may be if you need to remove the tip for some reason (I have never had to on the 8 rods I have them on). With the rod epoxy or rod glue it is a matter of carefully heating the tip for removal.

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