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Sealine 57 and 300 copper?

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I have 2 of them, the line counter helps when you wanna run short .  The line counter reads 380' with all the copper out so its easy to  adjust    

Mine have 700' of 65 lb braid/ 300' of AFW 30 lb copper/ 40' 25 lb Gamma fluorocarbon /swivel..

I prefer the 30 lb AFW over Bloodrun but i might be in the minority ,  never had a break off and you dont need  a reel  the size of a coffee can to hold your line.. I can reach 80' no problem with about 100'of backing out past  the copper.. Albright knots with a  touch glue for insurance :yes:

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Not sure if you have run copper b4 , just take your time letting line out and use your clicker !!  Many of us think its just another rod only to find out different. Took me a year or two b4 i got  comfortable with it..  You will like the high speed of those 57's and they dont break the bank

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