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plywood bottom needs 6 ounce glass


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My 14 footer needs epoxy and 6 oz. glass to seal up a plywood bottom. Cannot find someone with the experience to get it done for me. Seems to be just a bother for a true commercial operation. Understandable . I guess but it is a very pretty show boat and after 60+ years it is all she needs for another 60.  I can prep it and be all ready for the craftsman . I can do the 3 coats of Epifanes to complete, and pay will reflect my  appreciation for your.

work. There must be someone close enough to Rochester to give it a go. Maybe a few bottles of Makers Mark, or whatever.


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Techy man, thanks for the suggestion. I would hope to find someone who could visit the site here and glass her up and be done.  I am a retired antique canoe restorer and could do all the prep  but the glassing bit. It was 65 years ago when I last did glass work and that won't do for now.  Not a big job but my boat needs a skilled craftsman who knows the way. So I'll give them a call and see what can be done. Thanks again. Dave

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