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Headed out for an afternoon troll and was greeted with warm water. Stopped in 180fow and down 90 was 73 degrees. Packed up shot to 250 and 350fow with same results.  One more quick trip to 450fow and down temp was still warm but we set up on a North troll. Sloooow go with a random bait pod that we would mark on the way.  We went as deep as 550 picking off a couple steelhead per pod of bait we marked, but no mature kings. Ended the night 8-12 with steelhead as big as 10lbs . 
Geezer on the 400 copper and watermelon on the riggers we’re working early in the sun, as sunset  approached  Carbon 14, gold 42nd, and gold Martel all took fish. Riggers at 80-100cheaters , and divers out 210-275. 

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Thanks for the report, Oswego has had temperatures like that since the big blow a couple weeks ago. I didn’t think that there was enough warm water in the lake to fill the east end all the way to Sandy. I was going to try this weekend in Sandy for the first time, but if you can’t find them I sure can’t.  I will wait for some east wind. The west end must have 37 degrees 10 feet down.

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