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Headed out of ibay this morning NNE to about 90 fow.  Set rigger down 70 about 6:45 and went to set a second rod and it fired with a descent brown.  Spoon wasnt down 1 minute.  Temp was deep but consistent.  Headed to 150 and hardly anything on the graph and no bites so headed back shallower.  When we hit about 110' around 8am we started to get into some action. At this point we were farther west somewhere in the middle of the bay and river.  Riggers with carbon 14 mags down 75 to 85 and dolphin nk28s on cheaters took hits as did my 300ish copper with a carbon 14.  Went 11/15 with a few skippies, a 5# king, an atlantic (first for me), a laker and several browns.  Browns were all 6-8#s.  Took a good rip on a F/F out 150 on a deeper diver.   Fleas were almost non existent.  For a couple hours is seemed like we didn't go more than 10 minutes without a hit which was pretty cool.  Lake got pretty choppy around 1130 so calls it quits.  Maybe next time well get some big ones.  Hope this intel helps someone.

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