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for sale : usa Frabill VYPR Aerated Straight Line Tipups

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I bought 10 of these last season thinking my whole family would want to join me ice fishing at night since we bought a cabin waterfront on Lake wallenpaupack. Well needless to say that never happened and lesson learned on buying things with intentions and hopes of things to happen lol. I'm keeping 4 of them, I have 6 for sale. Brand new never used. 40 bucks a piece but you need to pay shipping. If you buy all 6 of them, ill split shipping cost 50/50. They are awesome for musky and striper an pike fishing. Easy drag to set and have blinking red light you can see for least 1/8th mile when flag trips. Aerator keeps hole from freezing. Google them online. I love them I just don't need 10 of them haha!





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those do look awesome but i gave up ice fishing years ago after I lost all my ice fishing buddies. I keep thinking about getting back into it. but I am almost 72 and would have to get an electric auger just for starters. then all the other things I would need. and things like what you have would be a must for 2 of them at the least.

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