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New tool from Scotty

Andre wallyandre

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Very interesting:

We're super excited to officially announce the release of our newest product, the 452 Gear Caddy.

Designed with a wide variety of anglers, and a broad set of applications in mind, the Gear Caddy offers an extremely flexible storage solution for boats and kayaks of all shapes and sizes.

It would even work great in a truck bed, a car trunk, or anywhere else you might need to keep things organized.

We've built it to work seamlessly with our time-tested post mount system, attaching to any 241 mount, or any of our other products with a post mount receiver.

Increasing its flexibility, it can be mounted via post from the bottom, the side, or attached to most gunnel tracks. All the hardware to secure the 452 to your craft or vehicle is included, and is made from heavy-duty, marine-grade materials.

There's a dedicated cell phone slot, with a notch cut out for charging cables and headphones... A drink holder... A magnetic tray to keep fish hooks and little bits of tackle from going missing... slots for bait, lures, knives, scales... handy attachment point to keep rods in place...

The storage possibilities are truly enormous.

As always, everything is designed, manufactured and assembled by real (awesome) humans at our Vancouver Island plant in beautiful British Columbia, Canada not China

I'm ordering one next week


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