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Sold / Closed Pair Cannon Mag 10's

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Two Cannon Mag 10S, with swivel bases, telescoping booms, weight retrievers, 2 13lb torpedo weights with scotty releases , mounting hard ware ,wiring, and two Romer stacker releases.


$400.00 for the pair.IMG_20230203_101310.thumb.jpg.0e0a489346a93008fbfa2d285ec7ef82.jpg





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6 hours ago, Nsnow57 said:

Do these auto up/ auto stop? Don’t live far and am interested. Thanks 

No auto up / auto stop  Riggers are in very good shape, plus I included everything you need ,retrievers, wiring, weights .releases, and stackers to start fishing!

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how old are your units? were they used a lot each year? I have used all types of weights and now only use the 10# dredge weights as they don't have near as much blowback as a 13# pancake weight. so, I wouldn't need the weights and I use the Chamberlain releases and as I only fish for walleye using the lite bite slide divers and only want to use 2 riggers. but a have the Chamberlain stackers to use if I ever try stacking for walleye. I do like having the ball retrievers on them. but mainly the riggers are all I'm interested in. and if a bought them would you ship them at my expense to Muncie IN 47302?

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