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I have a 2005 Starcraft Islander 190 has a 3.0 mercruiser I/O and a 9.9 mercury kicker, wanna purchase the ray marine ev 100 hydraulic auto pilot, just wanna make sure it will work with my set up before I make the purchase?? Thanks a lot 

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the garmin reactor 40 kicker auto pilot is a stand alone autopilot for your kicker. i was going to get one but my kicker was to old and it wouldn't work for me. the price isn't really that bad for an autopilot.


but if you're putting hydraulic autopilot on your main motor you can always get an ez steer kit to steer from your outdrive. I have one that when both the outdrive and kicker are inline the rod is fully closed. this lets it extend when I tilt my kicker which I have mounted on a panther tilt.

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I have an Islander with the EV-150 with a I/O and a Yamaha 8hp kicker. I had to convert it from cable to hydraulic steering and run a bar from the lower end to the kicker. It was bar none the best thing I ever did 
































































































































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