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Some friends and I are coming up for a two day fishing trip. 

Monday we have two drift boats chartered for the Salmon River, hopefully we'll do well.

Tuesday looks good right now for getting out on the lake, so I'm bringing my boat (final decision will be based on the NOAA forecast when that's available).

Does anybody have any intel on the fishing between the Mexico Launch and Oswego?

We'll have one day, so we'll put in in Mexico and probably start trolling browns in 8-20' from the launch to the plant, 

Troll outside the markers, and the troll back to 8-20 from the plant to where it gets shallow down towards Oswego (the place where it comes up to 5' and you're sleeping so things get very exciting in a hurry).

I have fished up here a few times in the past 15 years, and I've dragged spoons and stick baits from Oswego to Sandy Creek so I'm not new to this.

We will be checking the outflows of Little Sandy and Catfish for stained water, the other side of the plant has produced before as well...

But I'm just wondering if anybody is doing anything yet.

Also looking for any Lake Trout info, 

If (snork, snork) we get a limit of browns, we will probably head out for lakers.

And recommendations on water depth, where in the water column this time of year?
Usually I drag stick baits about 5' off bottom out 100-150', but I've never been up there this early (usually the end of April or early May).

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