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2022 Angler Diary Result Cayuga

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Attaching the summary of results for Cayuga.  If anyone is interested in the entire report, send me an email address and I'll forward the entire 40 plus page document.  It includes results for Cayuga, Owasco, Skaneateles, and Otisco.  I encourage everyone who fishes the Fingerlakes to become an angler cooperator.  It isn't hard to do and the data becomes more accurate if additional anglers make reports.




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16 minutes ago, adesalvo said:

Thanks so much for posting. I just saved the ones on the DEC site for later reading.


[email protected] is my address if you don’t mind sending the more detailed report.


I hope they don’t stop stocking brownies in canadaigua.





Email sent.  Let me know if not received or unable to open the pdf

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