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We took our maiden voyage out of sodus Saturday 4/8, and man, what a day it was!


Basically, a perfect set up, with big wind a few days before we went out. We were greeted with plenty of brown and green water to fish, and we picked at fish all along the shoreline.  I had my nephew Evan, and one of my fishing mentor (Bob's) grandson on the boat,  and those boys had quite a good time!  We had a few doubles, and even a triple!


We ended up about 15 for 20, or something like that, by about 1030 in the morning. Most of our fish were mixed year class Browns, but we did catch three Cohos, and white fish as a kicker(my first ever)!   Our biggest brown was about nine or 10 pounds. The fish were a little bit deeper than I would've expected; our best depth of water was about 15 to 20 feet. They certainly wanted natural colored stickbaits more than brightly colored stickbaits, despite the muddy water.


I am very happy to see cookie cutters around again. Whatever they did with a stocking last year seems to have worked well.







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