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  1. Thanks for the info and pics Les!
  2. It's been quite a few years since I've caught a landlock. It's a bummer.
  3. It's a nice little setup for someone. The deck has seen plenty of fish! Good luck Dre!
  4. Got out Sunday morning with my good friend Dan(Jr). Out of the pier walls and headed NE and set up. Riggers, dipseys, 400 copper and 10 core. Mainly green/chartreuse spin doctors and paddles with hammer flies. The core with spoon and never moved, the rest of rods had plenty of action. Fished from 100 FOW out to 300 FOW, inside water seemed to be the best, 125-175. Good temp down below, 48 to 52. East troll also worked well, back West was a little slow. We had a pair of doubles and one triple, we ended up going 15 for 16, all lakers. Not one salmon. Thanks Steve
  5. FLX, With this crew...it's all about busting chops! Your in for next years tourney!
  6. I wish it was an Atlantic!!! It's a female king. I have yet to catch an Atlantic on Ontario yet.
  7. FLX, That salmon was from the lake "O." Several years ago during the spring LOC. It's been a really really long time since I've caught a LL salmon out of Hemlock. Those are still great pics!!!
  8. Helps if I attached the image. Sorry gents.
  9. The eyes in the lock are incredible. Smallest I've ever caught was 8 pounds, largest was over 12 pounds. The 12 pounder was a few years ago. The salmon above the eye was 24 pounds. Not the greatest picture as far as comparing the two fish, but you get the idea. Thanks Steve
  10. Woodyboater, I was the light blue boat with gold bigjons on the back, I launched just before you guys. I stayed on the east side all morning and did pretty well on the rainbows and some lakers mixed in. Ran 5 color lead core with a blue/chrome R&R for the bows. Seemed to do the trick. Lakers came on the riggers. Great looking boat! Steve
  11. Dre! Great looking deer! Looks like 3.5-4.5 in my opinion. Congrats you Texas transplant! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Well done Rick!!! And like everyone else, thanks for the details!!!
  13. Well done Chuck!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Blue-Mare (18CC Tidewater) will be down from Webster! Steve
  15. Thanks GL Lure Maker!!! No kids with us, but I can only imagine similar to fall LOC. Steve
  16. Gents, This is my first time in this derby! Making the trip from Webster to the north end of the lake. Question for all, not that there will be much chatter on the radio, but what channels are used on Seneca? Thanks! Safe fishing all! Steve
  17. Les, Retirement! Good for you!!! I hope to be out Saturday morning, fingers crossed. I'll post if I get out and let you know how we make out. I was close you you a few months back on the west side. Light blue Tidewater CC. Thanks for the great reports! Steve
  18. Les, Are you going to be out on Saturday morning? Thanks Steve
  19. I maybe down there as well, (ice blue TidewaterCC) weather pending as well.
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