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  1. I should be heading over to Bradco today, I'll look around.
  2. 5th wheel or tag along, and what capacity? My township is looking for a trailer now, so I might come across something. We're in Susq. Cty PA just below Vestal.
  3. Personally I'd ship it back to MinnKota. With the price of gas today, it doesn't make much sense to make 2 trips, dropping a motor off and then picking it up. Is the motor under warranty, and what model do you have? I've got some older MinnKota parts.
  4. I would look to the ignition system and tune up specs first. A simple thing like ignition timing could greatly effect your gas consumption. Another thing to check is the carb choke to make sure it is opening fully when warmed up.
  5. Shellback

    yamaha T9

    The T in T9 stands for high thrust, X is for 25" shaft, H is for handle steering, and the R stands for the year it was made, 1993. As far as charging capabilities, I doubt it, without it being an electric start model. I've got that same motor, 1989 vintage but with electric start and charging.
  6. Ithaca forecast for Sat, wind 20-24 with gusts to 37! Don't forget your chinstrap for your hat!
  7. Hey Bob, I know you were looking for an Islander, but this Starcraft looks like a helluva deal! http://www.glangler.com/swapmeet.html Then go to 2003 Starcraft 196DC. It's been for sale for awhile and It looks like he wants to deal. I'd have bought it in a heartbeat if I hadn't just bought my Wellcraft. Getting back to the riggers, I'd just sell the manuals and get a pair of used electrics. I bought a pair of Big Jon electrics off the board last winter for $400. Sold the manual Easi Trolls for $200
  8. Although wiring isn't difficult, it is time consuming. Might get pretty expensive having someone do it from scratch. Depending on how old your boat is, maybe Lund has a harness and switch panel that you could buy and install yourself. That would still leave you with wiring the electronics.
  9. You've got to be careful buying electronics in the Bargain Cave, there's no return on them. Once you buy it, it's yours. I would imagine the manufacturers warranty would still apply though.
  10. Bob, Thanks for the heads up on that Gander. You would think they'd have the right gear. Are there any good shops around Oswego?
  11. Hey Chris, check out A-Tom-Mik's site http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com Oswego is his home turf and he'll know what's hot. Most guys put alot of faith in their wire dipsy setups, so you may want to rig a couple LC's up with wire and twilly tips. Gander in Johnson City doesn't have much trolling gear right now, here's hoping they have someone knowledgeable ordering for spring. I've often wanted to stop at the Gander above Syracuse that you can see off I-81. I would think they would have about the best selection of trolling gear as they are close to Ontario. Not sure if you have a down speed and temp on your Lund, but I think that's a gotta have for Salmon fishing. I'm hoping to add one to my Wellcraft this spring. Just think, you'll be able to do almost 3 trips to Oswego for the the time and money it costs you to go to Erie. I was going to hit the river last Sat, but decided to buy myself a new truck for my birthday, another Dodge quadcab with the Hemi this time. They are painting my old cap to match the new truck so I may have to get it this Sat. Otherwise I may see you on the river.
  12. A point to think about is the wire leaving the rod tip. With the regular tip the wire is bending at a hard close to 90 degree bend or more, with the twilly tip, the harsh bend at the tip is greatly reduced. Gotta be alot easier on the wire, and wire is alot more expensive than rod tips.
  13. Automatic inflating PFD's for the wife and I, a couple twilly tips and a new VHF antenna.
  14. This should help you out. Not the same brand but it will give you an idea how they work. http://www.protroll.com/index.html
  15. I was at Cabelas in Hamburg,PA last week, I believe I saw them on sale for $50 or $60. I think they were in the Bargain Cave, but were new units in sealed packages. Their Phone # is 610-929-7000, wouldn't hurt to give them a call to see if they have any left.
  16. I would think as long as you have the cajones to drill about a 1 inch hole thru the bottom of your boat, it should work fine. Thru hulls normally require fairing blocks to point your transducer straight down, rather than on the angle of the bottom of the hull, so I'd make sure I had those on hand if needed. Someone now makes a shoot thru hull transducer for aluminum boats, which might be something to look into.
  17. Try this link http://www.great-lakes.org/sports_shows.html#PA It will lead you to the PA shows, but just scroll up or down for other states.
  18. The main reason I went with a fixed mount is the screen size. If the unit has any mapping abilities, I'd think they'd be pretty hard to interpret on a small screen. You'd be zooming in and out trying to make heads or tails of where you're at.
  19. That's true, Some camofloge stands out like a sore thumb to me.
  20. Holy Crap! There's no word if anybody got hurt seriously or not, but the trauma of it's blood and innards blowing thru the car is enough to freak anyone out. Looks like the liver in the backseat, and the heart all the way back. Hopefully the air bag went off and kept the driver safe.
  21. Any other folks out there that are color blind? I read about the hot spoons or flies, go out and buy them, but once they are out of the package, I'm friggen LOST! I could have every manufacturers chart in front of me, and probably still couldn't match most of them up if I have my stuff laid out in front of me. My color perception's pretty bad, you know those single blinking traffic lights, red one way and yellow the other? I gotta ask who's riding shotgun what color they are, or slow down to see what the other folks are doing. I was that kid in grade school who water colored the grass brown and the sky purple. WTF, it looked good to me! Oh, I try saving the packages and keeping things together, but if you have a couple folks on the boat changing baits and stuff, that plan goes to h*ll in a short time. For me, there's 3 basic colors, One is anything blue, purple etc. Two is anything red, orange, yellow, etc. Three is anything in the brown or green spectrum. So if there's any other color blind folks out there, what's your solution. PS If you ever see a 2002 Dodge Quadcab, the color Granite, (they told me so at the dealers), bearing down on you at a blinking light, give me plenty of room! LOL!
  22. Glad to hear you got the problem resolved. I've always had good experiences dealing with MinnKota. I hope their authorized service center gets the axe!
  23. Thanks for all the hard work, it's a shame someone has to get their jolly's off by screwing up a website that they probably have no interest in, whether pro or con. The new look and extra forms are great!
  24. Me too, on a Merc I/O and the cutout switch when shifting into gear. If I remember correctly, it was just when shifting into reverse. I think it was just an adjustment needed. Probably a fast way to check it would to just run a hot wire directly to the coil and see if she stays running when you shift it into gear. Or use a test light and see if you lose power to the coil when you shift it.
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