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  1. John, Sharon being upset about something? Never seen her that way. Mick thanks for the report. Would like to get up this weekend, but will probably be another week or 2 before I can-Duane
  2. Musky, Happy Easter to you as well, and the rest of the gang here at L.O.U.- Duane
  3. I have had very good luck with the Albright. Secure with Sure-Lok.-Duane
  4. Thanks Mick. Keep us posted. Did you happen to make it last Saturday for pen construction at the Oak? I planned on it and had to change plans due to reasons beyond my control. Just wondered what kind of turn out they had. -Duane
  5. Stan, absolutely no need to apologize. You have my curiosity peaked now. Looking at the page I have marked, at the top of the page it kind of highlights the 3. If they in fact incorporated that, it would be the #3122 as you made mentioned possibly on the packaging. I haven't had to purchase any for some time now, for I have a decent supply. So maybe if someone else could chime in maybe just to clarify.-Thanks again Stan for your follow up- Duane
  6. Guys, good job in keeping this thread going. A prime example is as above. Don- Double D- I have seen your boat a number of times at the Oak. Never knew you were a member of L.O.U. Let alone know your first name. Anyone who spends quality time with their family, esp on the lake, is top notch in my book. That's one reason for this thread, is to allow others to know who we are fishing with in close proximity while out of a certain port. I'd encourage others to post no matter how little or how long one has fished Lake Ontario. We all continue to learn. I know I'm going to copy all pages from this and keep handy in my boat log. Putting a name with a boat and I'm more apt to converse, as I'm sure others would be as well. I have met some great people thru this site, one of which ties a pretty mean fly. Right Eric And this is just another means of doing so- Duane
  7. Stan, I thought that maybe a forgot a 3 but just looked at my book marks. The spoon I'm refferring is in fact the 122 as at the site http://www.wolverinetackle.com/appiesne ... res?page=3 Is this the same as you are talking about? Thanks for your followup -Duane
  8. Troy, you are correct. There are a couple versions of the black magic. I have used them as well on various occasions. D.W. has the Tracker black magic as well #0126, which has had its moments. That is along the line of what is listed on the Oak site. The one I make mention above is the Silver Streak # 122 as listed on the Wolverine Tackle web site. Again, I like the mini in this blade. I'm divulging a tip here, but this is what this site is for. When the fishing gets tough at times, I'll run a bait set of these in the two sizes. For whatever reason the mini gets picked off 2 or 3 times to 1 compared to the 28 size. As far as taping them up, you could get the black / silver cup, smooth blank and gold tinge tape. Not sure but Captains Cove may have this. Running a bait set at times has often turned the trick on a number of occasions, rather than just throwing a hodge podge of spoons down.This is often an area where some, such as those just starting out need to pay attention to details. We all have had those moments when the targets are overly aggressive and it seems they'll hit whatever is presented to them. It is when the fishing gets tough, which often happens, that small details put the extra fish in the boat. Having said that, this set has proven itself to me thru the years. -Duane
  9. Rob, touched on a couple of mine. Another being the Silver Streak black magic. The mini black magic has taken kings at times when all other spoons were cold. These can be sometimes hard to find. When I come across them in a tackle shop I'll pick up a few extra. I have not only used these as a mupped rig but as sliders as well. Very good spoon.
  10. Guys, couldn't agree more about the reports. Whether it be good or bad, any info is appreciated. Another source of info for those who belong would be the LOTSA forum. Anyone not belonging to this group should look into joining. Larry, have to agree with your comment about Chad and his work with this site. Outstanding job. As well as your comment regarding Joe's efforts.-Duane
  11. Andy, I do have a travel cover. However when I travel over the distance of 200 miles ( most of it on I-90) on my first trip of the year, I take the top off, roll it into the boot, and take the side curtains off as well. It involves a little more work, but the longevity I'll get out of the top makes it worth while. Once my boat is at the Oak, I leave it there all summer. I will then travel to and from the launch to my point of residency while there with the cover on. As far as a rocket launcher, I do not have one on my soft top. I put an ample amount of rod holders down along the gunnels to provide for that application. The guys who touched on the hard top, have pointed out very good areas for that feature. Just at this point in my life the soft top provides me with an adequate ride. Again, once I possibly relocate to L.O. I will be looking into a hard top for reasons mentioned- Irregardless, best of luck in whatever you decide-Duane
  12. Andy, I own a soft top. As far as the canvas expense, I had mine totally done, a few years back. Had the Amish make them, and they did a phenomenal job on it. About a third of the cost of what I expected. The quality was top notch. One advantage I believe would be when traveling I simply roll the soft top up into a boot and tie off. That way the wind resistance is that much less. When traveling 200 miles it adds up. Another advantage if you are limited to winter storage, I have found that by putting the top down then putting it back up, once inside the building, has allowed me to store the soft top where as had it been a hard top i may not have been able to do so. Just something to think about. Having said that however, If I lived closer to the lake and once I'm retired, I will go to a hard top for the reasons the guys stated. At this point, I'm happy with the soft top-Duane
  13. Every few years someone starts a thread of boat names and ports of choice. Being that the lake fishing is firing up, Id like to start another as to help each other determine who fishes where, along with fishing experience so we can help others who may be just starting out if we happen to come across them at the dock. Name-Duane Jones Boat name -HeavenBound- Boat make-24' Penn Yan Contender navy blue soft top Boat name origin- From a very good friend who passed away with pancreatic cancer 5 years ago- Port of choice-Oak Orchard- Years fishing Lake Ontario-31 Residence while at the Oak-Lakeside Beach-loop A or Captains Cove Notes-Track me down anytime to say hello. I'd be more than willing to share any current info while at the Oak. Special Note- Again many thanks to Shirley and Joe's past reports along with the Charter Capt's and rec boats who provided selfless info from the lake. Best of luck to all this season and think safety first-Duane
  14. Ray, thanks for your post, and as you made mentioned Capt. Ron's willingness to share that info. I was hoping and planning on heading to the Oak tomorrow to help with putting the pens together. But due to a few family matters that have come up, along with the friend who was going with me had a death in the family, I won't be able to make it. We were wanting to do a possible fishing trip afterwards. So this kind of gives me the incentive to do so soon. Speaking of the pens, this will be the first year I have missed for a while for construction. I always looked forward to it, for it gave a sense of satisfaction of giving something back. Which leads to me to say that, please don't assume someone else will be there and do it. Take it upon yourself to help out and lend a hand. Whether it be at the Oak or elsewhere. Sorry guys, but this is the part of me being very involved with youth sports talking now. Ray, I think you held that capacity at one time. If so ,you know what I mean. Thanks again for the report, and hope to see you soon at the Oak. -Duane
  15. Bob, I agree with Carl and Ray about the mono. As Carl mentioned simply splice in a length of mono onto your braid. Now regarding your question about the copper and asking is it worth it for a few days. That is the clinker. If you knew you were going to return to Ontario, I'd say make the investment in a heartbeat. Copper can be and is often the hot rod on the boat at times. However, if you are going to fish only a few days, esp in early May, I would say to save your money. Reason being, if you fish the bar area, you will do fine with the riggers, divers and boards. There is a learning curve as well using the copper. One I don't think you want to learn for a few days. Again, I'm only going by your own words here saying your trip is short. Would copper work on Erie eyes? I'm sure it would with the harnesses and such. But I'm just giving you my opinion about your one trip as you describe-Duane
  16. As far as white cup spoons, anytime fishing below app 80 FOW, is when they go into my arsenal of spoons. I have a pile of the Old Joe's original Pirates 55's that are black/white cup that are taped as some mentioned above. These are just a few along with frogsas well.
  17. Capt Carl, glad to hear you mention about the Digi Trol- IV from the 90's. Those are what I am currently using and have nothing but good to say about them. Did have a small problem last summer, but was quickly fixed by one of their service centers over the phone. I like you, had the case where my 1 rigger would hit bottom say at 48 but was actually in 70 FOW. Called the service center and explained what was happening. They informed me that one of the magnets on the cable spool had to have popped out. They were to send me a new one, that was going to take over night while staying at the Oak. Low and behold, using the remaining one as a sample, we went to the Wal-Mart in Albion and bought a magnet that was about 1/8" X 3/8" dia and glued in in place that very day. So I was down without it less than half a day. Worked like the day it was made. Sorry to hear about your past experience you had last year. Personally, I can see why you would be upset. I would be myself. But I have to say that I really like my Dig-Trols IVs. I am concerned as you mention about getting them repaired, if that does in fact happen. Cross that bridge when it gets here I guess. Best of luck this year at the Oak. Bought some more of the Moonshines over the winter. Carbon 14 among them Thanks for that tip last year- Duane
  18. Mick, good job and thanks for your report. May try to make it up on April 4th. Believe that is when they are constructing the pens, plus I have my boat at Lake Breeze. Keep the reports coming. They are appreciated-Duane
  19. CC, welcome to the site. I myself "use" to be a Lake Erie walleye fisherman. Erie is only a little better than an hour away from the house. Whereas Ontario is closer to 4 for me. I'm giving you fair warning, Lake Ontario fishing is addicting So now you can't say you haven't been forewarned. This is a great group of individuals who are more than willing to share any and all info.-Duane
  20. Mick, thanks for the report and staying true to your word about pulling some Pirates in memory of Joe. I plan to do the same the first trip out. Keep us posted to the ramp situation. Best of luck to you as well this season. - Duane
  21. I know at one time Captains Cove at the Oak had the 5 of diamonds tape. May want to check there. 585-682-3316 - Dont know what their winter hours are however. Michelle you there? - Duane
  22. Capt Bob, very well said. I had the opportunity and honor of meeting Joe many years ago. He was always willing to give out any info. All one had to do was ask the question. As far as a lure designer, many targets fell prey to his Old Joes original Pirate spoons, from many who used the Pirates across Great Lakes. One of my largest kings that I have landed came on a Pirate 55 lazer spook. That continues to be one of my favorite blanks, black/silver dimpled cup. Joe and Shirleys' site- At The Oak, have cut years off the learning curve of many new comers to the Lake Ontario fishing scene with their wealth of information. They literally made the Oak , in my opinion the most open lines of communication port on the lake. So much that I feel that I owe it to back, to share any info as far as current reports, technigues, etc. It obvioulsy took much input and unselfish info, as far as current up to date happenings from the lake, from the charters such as Capt. Bob of Reel Excitement and others. But it took much effort as well for Joe and Shirley to maintain the site. I know the state will probably not hear of it, but I would like to see the west launch somehow renamed after Joe or some other way to memorialize his efforts that he brought to the Point Breeze area. Joe, you may not be here now in body, but your spirit will surely live on in many of us who have learned from your years of pioneering the very sport and passion we call salmon fishing. Shirley, please know that many of us are holding you in thoughts and prayer. -Long live the Condor-Duane Jones
  23. That is really sad news. Joe will be truely missed by many. Shirley and the family will be in my thoughts and prayers. They have provided a wealth of info thru the years to many of us who enjoy the passion of Lake Ontatio fishing. Paul, If you hear of a memorial fund, please post it here. I'll be out of the area for the next 6 days, but will monitor this thread. Thank you-Duane
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