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  1. Troy, I know that you fish out of the Oak. As do I. Let me know when you will be there, and I'll gladly let you borrow a couple of mine ( diver and copper) when you are there. I put alot of trust and faith in our fellow fisher people . Must be politically correct, you know!! I could leave them At Capt. Cove and then you could make sure Michelle gets them and I'll simply pick them up at my convenience. Do you fish out of Fairport at all and if so, do you know the boat Nightcrawler? -Duane
  2. Troy, yes it can be done running 2 or even 3 divers off one side. To begin with using a LC reel helps in this setup. In that it helps the process of knowing app. how much line is out on each particular rod/reel. Lets say that you let out your nearest wire diver at 150 on the counter with a 1 setting. This now is diving somewhat deeper than a setting of a 2 or 3. Now with another rod, (I use Heartland diver rods of different lengths, and this rod would be longer for clearance) simply keep track of the line count on the counter itself, ( or passes if not an LC) Let out back of the boat, or just to the side, with a 3 setting on the diver, letting out to say 175 or 200. Again the LC reels makes this easier. I like to keep the clicker on and even thumb the reel to let it settle into place once I know it has cleared the inside deeper rig. I have run 3 divers off a side ( as have others) using this technique, esp when the temps are where I know I can achieve the preferred. It is really not that hard once you have tried it thru trial and error. Try a wire with the inside rod or 2, and possibly mono for the high diver be it a slide or dipsey for those higher targets. One other piece of advice is using the described method as far as placement be it a copper rig or rigs off in liners or even core lines can be deployed using that method. But again, for me at least using the line counters are a huge help in knowing what you are dealing with. They are not cheap but well worth the investment-Duane
  3. Mars, welcome to the site. Great group of individuals here that openly share their info. But as I told another poster here not to long ago, I used to do the walleye thing quite a while ago, then fished Lake Ontario. Just forewarning you that it is addicting, expensive (you never have enough tackle) , challenging, along with many other adjectives that describes Ontario salmon/trout fishing. But every minute is well worth it. Best of luck if you fish the greatest of lakes-Ontario-Duane
  4. Brian try this-This is under the GLA swap meet -Good luck- Duane I'm selling my Lorance LMS 350A with the GPS for 500.00 obo E-mail me at [email protected] OR call 989-348-5283 shipping in not included in price. Clark IN-HEAVY
  5. Dave, you may want to move this to the buying classified section-Duane
  6. Have to agree with John. Look at the X-4 before you purchase anything-Duane
  7. Shade, I purchased the X-4 probe for my FishHawk. From what I have read, it is top notch according to reports I have seen. Battery life is far superior to the old probe, temp readings down to 300' and about half the size as the old.Thus creating less drag. Readings are very constant as well. I have yet to use mine, but am convinced it will perform to my expectations-Best of luck if you chose to purchase--Duane
  8. Rob, great pics. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you are in the process developing your first mate for years to come-Duane
  9. Happy birthday Chad. Thanks for the efforts that you have put into this site to make it top notch. May you be blessed with a 30# king -Duane
  10. fishon, check out the --In it to win it thread--- listed in the Introduce Yourself page by Baitrigger-Duane
  11. chinook

    Oak - 5/8

    Shawn, nice pics. Thanks for the report as well. Hoping to get up there this weekend, if at all possible. --Duane
  12. Rod, what I had noticed is that after 4 days ( Friday thru Monday) that the salmon division only had 6 total entries over 20#. I was starting to wonder if the fishing was that tough, but even at that with the number of boats off the bar esp. and lake wide one would expect more than that. Could be telling for things to come. Obviously these aren't from the stocking class of 08, but I always used the spring LOC as a barometer of the year's potential. I did see a few were added today however. Good to hear that Justin boated a few. Best of luck and keep us posted-Duane
  13. Jason, sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. You have my condolences. As others have mentioned, may God bless and help sustain you thru this most difficult time.--Duane
  14. Brian, I couldn't agree more with your saying that no matter what one does everyone can't be happy. I have held various positions thru my daughters softball careers, such as league VP, board of directors, tournament committee chair, scheduling, etc, and someone will find fault to the best laid plans. Having said that however, I believe that constructive input can be healthy and at most times should be taken into consideration. Especially if it is to enhance the efficiency of an event. I think what Chad is suggesting does have some merit. I do know that at one time the Spring LOC was held in the month of April. So they have backed it up a little here. But taking all things considered, is there a way to recruit more participants? I think that is one of his questions. I would have to say a resounding yes to this, esp in the spring. Just an example----Pa's spring turkey hunt starts April 25th and runs thru most the month of May. I have a # of friends who love to do both , but usually opt to bird hunt early in the season. Let alone many school functions that are still in session, that just in a couple of weeks would be over. Such as baseball and softball, along with other events. Lets just throw this out for discussion and see what a few think. Here are a few suggestions to consider, for even 1 year to see the results. 1- move to start date of the Spring LOC back 2 weeks to the 15th then run it to capture Memorial day as well. They would not only gain an extra day but guaranteed more participants. I would have 3 myself had this been in place. This would also allow the ice from Erie to work its way thru, esp. on a hard late winter such as just a few years ago. 2- Take the summer derby and instead of ending it on the 19th of July run it then an extra 2 weeks til the 2nd of Aug, esp this year with Labor day so late. Summer derby runs the entire month of June-lets face it here, that month with the June swoon can be challenging. The 2 weeks that would be gained in July would be more productive. Just another way to gather participants. 3- The cutoff time for the spring is OK- no problem there, but as been talked about before, moving it til 9:00 for the Fall should be strongly considered. If they would only consider making 1 change, that should be the one. I don't want anyone to lose sight that I give Dave and others, kudos for putting on this event. I'll fish them under any circumstance. Have been since the inception of E.S.L.O. These are just a few suggestions, that I think would help to elevate the event. Lets face it here. There is not the participation of years past, where at one time there was 13,000 in the spring ESLO I believe in the 80's. This was the time when they had the Cash Bash and total prize was worth over 70K with prize money,boat and etc. Granted we don't have that structure now, but with the proposed license fees esp. for out of staters and such, we should look for the current numbers to drop. Is there a way to limit some of those? I agree that they are doing a good job. But being a business man myself, would like to think I do a good job as well or wouldn't be able to stay in business. But if someone has a suggestion to make my business run more efficient, I'm all ears. Irregardless, best of luck to all this year during the derbies and such, but as I have made mention before, think safety first and foremost-Duane
  15. Mark, very nice video. Thanks for taking the time to share it. Looks like there was a decent turnout as you mentioned. Just hope the feeding goes as well. -Many thanks to all who helped out in any small way, in this very essential part of our continuing fishery of the greatest of lakes -Duane
  16. Hanging out with the family as well, camping and playing softball. Rob- good job there playing ball with your son. Enjoy every minute of it, for they grow up all to fast. If and when he plays league ball, most definitely be one father who steps to the plate and gets involved, whether it be manager or coach. There are far to many who won't. He will be blessed beyond measure with you spending that time with him.-Duane
  17. Here's one to try- http://www.wtp-inc.com/ -Duane
  18. Capt. Carl, thanks for the report. Good job on not only the box, but esp. with the king. I noticed on the Oak site where both you and Clarence put a king in the box. Looks like those have to be the first of the season from the reports. Maybe a sign of good times once again this year at the Oak
  19. I'm not to supersticious, but I know some who are. Having said that I can only relay my experience on it. Before the current boat I now own, I bought a used 19' Four Winns. The previous owner had the name Playmate painted on the sides in huge lettering. Being the father of 2 young daughters at the time, I didn't feel it appropriate so I changed the name to 3C's- honoring the 2 girls and wife via the first initail of their first name. -I can only say that the boat served me very well thru the years of use, with not only safety issues, but also put more than my share of Lake Erie walleyes and Ontario salmoniods in the boat. So I.M.O.- yes they say there is a ritual to follow, but one I believe that each "new" owner should decide upon themselves. -Duane
  20. Reel Bob has also been the one spearheading the pen rearing at the Oak since its inception. As the others have mentioned, many thanks to Bob for his continued efforts for not only continuing the legacy of Joe's and Shirley's site, but for his efforts as well regarding this very important aspect of the fishery we all have a passion for-Duane
  21. Fenceman, you have my deepest sympathies. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God help to sustain you in this darkest of hours-Duane
  22. Ray, you mention the Original Pirate. Did you happen to notice if they had any black/silver cup dimpled 55's. If not ,do you have a phone # for Abes ? Thanks-Duane
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