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  1. Rod, Happy birthday. Hope your day is a good one for you- Duane
  2. Ray, as much as I like to use the core line, if I were to even think about using 20 colors, I'd go with a 300' copper instead. Sink rate app. the same and less apt to get wrapped up in a tangle when a major takes off. I.M.O.- If that is not an option then go with 10 colors and a snap weight if you are looking for greater depth. The Church and Offshore in liners will handle both these applications-Duane
  3. Paul, that is a phenomenal piece of work. That is the reason I recommended your service when Mark-ReelJerks asked about his trophy king being mounted a few weeks back. Great job-- Duane
  4. Billy, Happy birthday to you. Hope your day is a good one for ya-Duane
  5. Mark, Happy Birthday to you. Hope your day is a good one for you. As Ray made mention thanks for your service and help in making this board as good as it is. Didn't Paul say something about giving you a 50% discount on your king that you are having mounted for your birthday?
  6. Ray, 3,000 posts. Congrats and thanks for taking the time to do so. But more so, many thank you's for the youth whose lives' you have impacted in being involved with the youth programs. May God continue to bless you and the other readers of this great site. - Pat, as the others have mentioned, just pass it on someday whenever you get the chance. One of the best tips one can give, ( other than think safety first) is to fish with confidence and pay attention to small details. Each day can be somewhat of a learning experience. Skipper-best of luck this week. Looking forward to your report. I put the boat away for the winter and am going into withdrawl already. --Duane
  7. Hank, Happy birthday to ya. Hope your day is a good one for you-Duane
  8. John, I hear you. I had a family vacation at the Oak from July3-12 this past summer. Wave forecast for most of the week was 2 feet or less. Well a low pressure settled off the East coast for 4-5 days and gave us waves of 2-4's and rougher on most occasion. I always take the innertube for the kids and never once had to inflate it for the lake that week mostly was by all means no way what they forecasted- Duane
  9. Capt. John, Happy birthday. Hope your day is a good one for ya- Duane
  10. Ray, very well put. This day as any, I know we're all proud to be an American-My hat is off especially to all of those who have served ,whether it be armed forces or volunteering in any capacity- And as the others have said-Never Forget- for these stripes (the Red, White and Blue) will never run-Duane -
  11. Ray, thanks for the sentiment. I just feel that is one rule ( Fall cutoff moved to 9:00) I would like to see be considered in changing. Just a couple years ago Mark-ReelJerks- wrote about changing the rules to include the boat names whether be it charter or rec to be on the board postings. It was then added and that was for the betterment of the derby I.M.O.-I like to view and see whose name I recognize. As far as some saying its a long day- most if not all shops are now having hired help to offset the hours required, let alone some now are not opening at 6:00 as mentioned but waiting an additional hour til 7:00 a.m to open. I agree with Ray as well if you buy the entire package deal ( all 3 derbies) prior to the start of the derbies themselves then you should be allowed to carry over to the next day. That would be somewhat of a compromise here, where some of these targets could then be considered. If enough of us would voice our opinion then maybe the powers to be would reconsider this one change.--Duane
  12. Bill. please see my response to the very thread you speak of. There are some who have posted here for quite a while that think you can box it and have it weighed the next morning. Not true- But I want to give plenty of Kudos to Dave and all those who are involved in any way, shape, or form to help put this derby on. But again, as I made mention, those targets boated after app. 7:30 p.m. are all for naught. That is one of the reasons we pull lines on occasion at that time due to there is absolutely no way that one can hook up, fight the target, then get back to the weigh station in time for the cutoff at 8:00- I mentioned to Glen-Spoonfed- about moving the cutoff back an hour, and he is correct in saying that at one time there was concern about the "possibility" of losing weigh stations if this went into effect. Being self employed and being a businessman myself, if I were a weigh station I would be pulling for this change to 9:00 p.m. My father always said that you have to make the hay while the sun is shining. To think that these stations can't stay open for 1 additional hour ( during the Fall LOC) is beside me. Maybe I'm wrong, but I know how many at the campground I spend my time, mention about how good it would be if even 1 station per port would remain open til 9:00 if for nothing else to replenish things needed for the next mornings' trip. I can only imagine the amount of money these places ( tackle shops) are losing by closing at 8. Especially when the sun sets sometimes well after that. So in closing, I have been fishing the ESLO and LOC's almost since their very inception. At one time the carry over to the next day was allowed. The bottom line- now from what I understand- is that you can't weigh a fish in after 8 p.m caught on that day. But if you fish at 12:01 a.m and boat a target, and stay on the water you can weigh it in at 9:00 a.m. So you have a 4 hour span on any particular day that your fish won't count. Make sense? That's what I'm still asking myself. But in saying that, I will fish these til the day they bury me. Just my suggestion on making an event a better one in my opinion. -Duane
  13. Andy, of course keep at it. Just think in a few months you may be shoveling snow So we need to take advantage of what we have left in the boating season. Best of luck this weekend-Duane
  14. Glen, beautiful king. Again I have said it many times the last 4-5 years that this the reason the cutoff needs to go to 9:00 p.m. for the Fall LOC only- It happens more than one would think. Just happened to my good friend 2 years ago at the Oak. I know Eric and Rick popped big guys early over the weekend and waited til 9:00 a.m to weigh them in. I really have no problem with the start time for that gives the fisherman the first few hours to fish then pop lines and run in to be there at the opening. But when the kings become active towards evening-plus throw in the safety factor, it should be seriously considered of moving it back 1 hour.-Maybe the voice of the LOU would prompt this change using this thread as an impetus ? --Glen- you in for the change? Duane
  15. Rick, congrats to you and Eric for taking trophy kings out of the Oak this weekend and posting on the board. Good job-Duane
  16. Eric, thanks for the pic of the boat. Congrats to you, Ethan and Rick for placing kings on the board this past weekend. I'm sure Ethan will remember this weekend for the rest of his life. The number of times we passed and you were hooked up which he was battling a big guy, he looked like a pro at the rod. You have taught him very well. It was good fishing with you this weekend and hope to make it back to the Oak one last time this upcoming weekend. Duane
  17. Mark, I can only tell you what works for me. It fires for us at first light- say the first 2 hours even before the sun rises,- app the last 2 hours prior to sunset and in low light conditions,cloud cover etc- I like to run them in a bait set-Say one off a diver and then one off the same side corner rigger with either a fixed or free slider as well. As a matter of fact just this past Friday with the East winds piling cooler temps off the Oak, the largest king we took on our trip, at close to 28 was taken off a free slider with a carbon 14 when marking the high targets. I would like to hear Capt. Carl's in put here since he is the one who gets all the kudos with the findings of the Moonshines-He is the one who put me onto the 14-Duane
  18. Ouch that looks like it hurts-But I'd keep the spoon- It is a good one-Duane
  19. That is why I have been saying that the cutoff for the Fall L.O.C. should be moved back to 9:00 p.m. Happens often, someone pops a big fish but can't get it to the weigh station by 8:00- This is one rule that I would love to see changed-Duane
  20. Paul, congrats to you and the wife. May you and Christie be blessed with many memories, smiles, love and laughter that our little ones give to us thru the years. As Jimmy made mention, cherish each and every day, for they sure grow up all to fast. -Duane
  21. Mark, I would have to agree with SplitShot. Capt. Paul of tristate does some phenomenal work from what I have seen. There is no doubt that the next target I plan to have mounted that Paul will be doing it. Nice fish by the way, and congrats on putting it on the board-Duane
  22. There are those who target depths of app 200' and deeper at times with a 20# shark. Plus those who fish Ontario are always willing to try new techniques- What is the weight of this torpedo ? I know Chumara I believe, has been testing these on Mi. so if you have any other insight that would be welcomed. So I would say yes that there would be some interest here- Duane
  23. After you pop the line off your release, the free slider will work its way down to the main line lure upon retrieval. Use a different color leader and pound test, for the slider for easy indentification.
  24. Rob, the Orleans holds a very special place in my heart. Long story short, back in '99 my best friend and I took a 38#9 oz king on the last day's morning of the derby . But due to circumstances he wasn't entered in the Orleans due him being a trucker at the time and not sure what his schedule would be. When we weighed it in at 4 C's ( for the fall LOC was running concurrent), the weigh master asked if we were in the Orleans. Had to tell him no, and he said we just beat the current leader and eventual winner by close to 3 pounds - But the best part is, that the following year, my friend ended up winning it -the Orleans Co-with a 37# king he took. You can be sure that his wife was adamant he was registered this time around. His name being Dave Guth- passed away with pancreatic cancer a few years later, and that is who's name my boat is named after in memory of- Again congrats on your win-Duane
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