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  1. Tim Bromund


    Best pulling boards on the market!!
  2. Tim Bromund

    derth raider v, moor sub troll

    They are the same technology, Moor's. The only difference is the analog vs digital display. However, unfortunately, Moor has closed it's doors so one existing stock is depleted, that is it.
  3. On Thursday April 14th at 7pm the Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon Association (LOTSA) will be sponsoring a Seminar by Charter Captain Rich Hajecki (Yankee Troller) on Techniques for spring Kings on Lake Ontario. As an added bonus we will also have pizza and drinks for all, complements of Rich and LOTSA. See you there. Rich is well known for consistently finishing high on the leader boards of numerous Derbies and Tournaments over the past few years. Last season Rich and his team finished first in the Niagra Pro Am Trophy Division, first in The King of the Oak, first in The Oak Orchard Open and first in The Western Challenge Cup Trophy Division. In all they have racked up eight tournament wins, five titles and thirty top five placings. His tournament team has won professional tournaments against the best salmon fishing teams that Lake Ontario has to offer. They set the Lake Ontario Tournament record in 2013 for winning the most money in a single season! Rich is also well known throughout the Lake Ontario fishing community for freely sharing information on what he did and how he did it to catch fish after each of his trips. LOTSA is a group of mainly weekend recreational fishermen who are dedicated to the enhancement of the Lake Ontario Sport-Fishery including the pen rearing project at Olcott. Each meeting also features a sharing of information the current fishing conditions. So come join us and become more successful at fishing Lake Ontario! The meeting will be held at the Cornell Cooperative Extension, 4487 Lake Avenue (Route 78 two miles north of Lockport), Lockport, NY 14094. The Seminar is open to the public and free to attend. See WWW.LOTSA1.ORG for any questions.
  4. Tim Bromund

    Sad Day - RIP Pat Comerford

    Yesterday, LOTSA and the Lake Ontario Fishing Community lost a good friend and long time member with the passing of Pat Comerford. (Sandman) (Silver Junkies). Pat fought a long and brave battle against his illness (cancer) which he lost this morning (Sunday 4-10-2016). He will be missed by all of us that knew him and had the pleasure of fishing with him. Arrangements will be posted when finalized.
  5. Tim Bromund

    Sad Day - RIP Pat Comerford

    The services for Pat Comerford will be at 10:00 AM Thursday 4/14 at Saint John the Baptist Church 2021 Sandridge Road Alden NY.
  6. Pens are going in this Saturday April 9 at 9:00 at the Town of Newfane Marina in Olcott. After such a mild winter wouldn't you know when we are putting the pens in it will be in the 20's with a chance of snow. Since our fish are scheduled for delivery on the 13th we have no choice but to put the pens in this weekend. Unfortunately we have experienced a steady reduction in help over the years, which means we need to recruit as much help as we can. If you can make it, please come on out and help get the nets on the frames and the pens in the water. Bring some side cutters to trim the zip ties after the nets are on the frames. Dress warm, think spring, and we'll bring coffee and donuts. Hope to see everyone Saturday at 9:00.
  7. Tim Bromund

    dec meeting in cananda. anyone heard of it?

    Because that information/data is anecdotal, not scientific.
  8. Tim Bromund

    Braid for planer's

  9. Tim Bromund

    Northern king Spoons

    I run it on my high rigger, with a flasher fly on the deeper probe rigger. Frequently have a black and raspberry NK (also white back, old school) as a free slider above.
  10. Tim Bromund

    Salmon nets?

    Ditto, what Rich said, about both the Cummins and the Beckman nets.
  11. Tim Bromund

    need help downrigger purchase

    What spoonfed-1 said!!
  12. Tim Bromund

    Broken back Rapalas

    J9 in orange and gold has been a staple bait forever.
  13. Tim Bromund

    need help downrigger purchase

    Had Cannon's, they were ok. I've been running Scotty's since 2003 and couldn't be happier.
  14. Tim Bromund

    Early Season Kings

    before fleas made it impossible, all I ever used on my rigger rods for kings all season long was 12 lb. Many 30+ pounders boated on that line over the years.
  15. Tim Bromund

    Tohatsu 8hp experience?

    Yeah sorry Hank, that was unclear, I was specifically referring to the Mercs with the size. Regarding Nissan, Tohatsu flat out states that the only difference between the Tohatsu and Nissan lines is the stickers that go on the cowling. Somw people are willing to pay more for the Nissan Name and perceived additional resale value, so they accommodate that, but the motors are identical. I didn't care about that, so I saved a few bucks and got the Tohatsu.
  16. Tim Bromund

    Tohatsu 8hp experience?

    Tohatsu is the manufacturer of their own brand, Nissan and Mercury 4 strokes smaller than 20 hp (or was it 50, I forget). The only difference between them is the stickers they put on the outside.
  17. Tim Bromund

    Northern king Spoons

    Kings have loved those black and purple NK28's since the 80's and still do today.
  18. Tim Bromund

    Posting Pictures

    I upload my photos to my Photobucket account and then insert the link to the pics in my posts. It's free and just flat out works on any forum, without fail. Tim
  19. Tim Bromund

    Amish Outfitter plastic planer boards

    I have the Amish Outfitters Redwood boards and they are awesome, pull like a mule, the plastic ones are supposed to pull even better. IMO they pull better right out of the box than even the modified otters could ever hope to. Tim
  20. Tim Bromund

    Salmon nets?

    Used to have a Ranger, loved that one. I now have a Cummings and a Beckman. The Beckman would be my 3rd choice.
  21. Tim Bromund


    Last I heard, the lower Niagara was loaded with smelt right now.
  22. Tim Bromund

    Salmon nets?

    Beckman is no more, by the way.
  23. Tim Bromund

    Lets see your Riggs.....

    The new (to me) Ride, Well, the old FishStyx bought the farm a couple years ago and this is her replacement for the time being. bough it last year and spent some time getting it put together. Looking forward to getting it in the water and see how she fishes. 1989 Starcraft Islander 221V Hardtop 4.3L OMC Cobra added a new 8HP Tohatsu Kicker Don't know yet whether this will be a short term solution or a long term one yet, so I'll wait a while before going through the renaming ceremony Looking forward to being back in the water this year, and being mobile again, plan on doing some Erie perch and Walleye trips this year as well as my regular Lake O action. Tim ps, unwrapped her last night
  24. Tim Bromund

    boat seats

    Ok, it helps if I read the entire post, never mind.😀
  25. Tim Bromund

    boat seats

    Big thing to look at Richard is the dimensions of the seat base. The Thompson back to back seat bases are 20" tall, the typical aftermarket replacement back to back seats only have 10" high bases.