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  1. Good to see more canucks onboard,welcome John
  2. Click on Tools,then Options,then General(you'll see the box for spell check). (Click on image for larger view) H.I.H.
  3. Firefox user here for 3 yrs,no going back to Internet Exploder
  4. Thx for the new material Stix,nice shots BTW
  5. Rapala X raps,Bomber Long A 15's,Rebel Fastracs,Yozuri's,etc are all consistent producers in the SW basin during April through May. Replace the stock hooks(I use Owner ST-41 #4 trebles) on all stick baits. H.I.H.
  6. They were hacked back in late 2005 aswell,makes you wonder why scum have nothing better else to do........... :| When Microsoft was hacked several yrs ago,was traced to a 15 yr old boy in South America :roll: Bill Gates wants to hire him.
  7. Looks like the hackers have been busy again :evil: :evil:
  8. Cowbells/peanut behind a thumper rod,no worries about loosing rigger balls on bottom,plus easy to see a fish on
  9. Look similiar to Dan Gapens bait walker from the 80's
  10. Bend the nose upwards and the rear cup downwards to increase wobble at slower speeds. I bend the nose upwards by pushing the nose downward on a hard surface(huge difference in action compared to a stock blade),while raising the cup end. Some spoons(pending on the metal used)will crack if you bend them too much. Probably don't have a stock shaped spoon in my collection :roll:
  11. Should of flushed before unhooking it,would of provided a line screaming run
  12. Just after ice out(before the smelt & alewife move in)the main forage on the north shore is gobies & sculpins. A J-9 rapala off inlines is a hot item,in 3-10 fow.
  13. Buzz bombs are what I use,mainly in Sept off the deeper pierheads aswell as drifting out in the lake after sundown. Make of solid lead,they spin/dart horizontally on the free fall,lots of flash & vibration. Kings mostly grab them on the free fall,so at times,you don't feel them hit(you raise the rod on the upward jigging motion & the fish is on).
  14. As per my profile: Automotive-Bulls Prick(I go where I'm shoved) Former position was team leader/lead hand,but with downsizing,now I'm a gofer on the floor. :roll:
  15. Silver Foxes hold up well,never had a problem with big kings bending them up.
  16. 10 rigger rods 5 diver rods 2 lb wire pound ball rods 2 copper rods 5 float rods 4 casting/spinning rods 7 ice fishing rods Always room for more...............
  17. Mike,click on quote in the top right corner of my post,it'll show you the proper code to use infront/behind the picture url. H.I.H.
  18. Or their here to for info/reports................ Maybe ADMIN can do a member cleaning session,like we do on pullers,twice a season(all accounts with no posts are removed).
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