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  1. Eric, you are killing me! Way to go Ethan!
  2. Sorry I missed you Eric. I would have loved to see it. I cant believe Oneida Lake has 'eyes that big!
  3. It is just a Ford 302 block. (silver paint=ford Black=chevy) I am sure it is at least 205 h.P. I believe that model is fuel injected. All my info is in my boat away from home. I will have my shop manual home this weekend if you need any additional info.
  4. Eric, sounds good. Too bad about the Sabre. I have not found a new rig yet. Found a Searay Amberjack 270 in Buffalo that I had serious wood for but it sold Saturday before I could sell mine. I really want an amberjack or an equivalent. I cant afford a Tiara! So I am looking still... Take care Eric and keep in touch.
  5. Cool Eric. Lets get out after some river fish soon. I am selling my boat. Did you get any of those messages I sent you regarding the used Sabre?
  6. Man he is getting big Eric! Great to see a kid so interested in the sport! That did not happen by accident! Job well done Eric!
  7. Nice shots Lou. You like that little honey hole out there don't you? I cant stand late winter when I am dying to fish. I dont know if these shots help or make it worse. I have had many beers in the boat in the middle of winter prepping and planning for spring. It is a serious addiction man! I dont have two footitus anymore, I know have 7 footitus!
  8. The antenna cable was put through the hole before the end was connected. You will need to take off the end (the threaded female connector) and reattach it after you pull it through. If it was done correctly it should be a soldered connection. I would cut it off and get a new one and follow the directions that comes with the new end. I also would solder the new end on as your radio will perform better and resist corrosion better. Hope this helps.
  9. My rig is for sale. 1996 Seaswirl Striper w/a with hardtop. Remanufactured economical 5.0 litre FL Volvo Penta professionally installed with 16 month warranty that has less than 20 hours on it. Warranty starts April 1st 2008. Professionally rebuilt holley 2bbl carb this spring. Outdrive is a Volvo Penta sx with hydrolic shift. Power steering. New coupler and gimble bearing also professionally installed. ALL MENTIONED WORK HAS PAPERS AND WARRANTY THAT GOES WITH IT! $7,000.00 in engine & upgrades with papers to prove. Hardtop is a pacific yacht tower with electronics box. Newer vhf radio with dsc, big jon electrics with new motors, planer reels, Rod holders, Lowrance 136dx fishfinder, depth raider, swim deck. 2004 maxum tandem axle trailer with dual caliper surge brakes, new tires and new spare. Fresh bottom paint. This boat has been very well maintained and serviced and is in especially good condition. Pics and full writeup on FRESHWATERBOATS.COM $14,500.00 make an offer! I have my eye on a new ride!! email me at [email protected] or pm message here
  10. Jim sounds like you did good. It was a tough and rough weekend for most.
  11. The bass fishing on Cayuga has really been poor in the last 5 years or so. Last year in the spring there was a huge die off of 18-20 inch and smaller smallmouths. The tourney's they ran all over the lake all of the time could not have helped any either.
  12. Well be staying at Wrights this weekend and most of the rest of the derby. Talk to you guys there.
  13. Thanks Eric. I printed that one out as usual. Anything you mention and I am one it. Count on some of those aboard my boat as soon as I find them. I sent you a p.m Eric.
  14. Nice job. I will be watching that this winter to scratch the itch. Enjoy all your video's guys. Thanks
  15. I am up there all the time in August until the first couple of weeks in September. I go out of Wrights Landing which is about a little over a mile from the college. I am no expert, but give me a holler when you are going to go up and you can follow me around or just meet me to discuss strategies that work in the area. I wouldn't hesitate to get up there late in August. Good luck, Gray
  16. I will be at the camp. It is my anniversary so not sure how much I can get away with yet. I will be monitoring the vhf and will make it a point to fish the a.m (should be all the time I need). I will try to stop in after the tourney for a couple. Look forward to meeting you guys. Later, Gray
  17. Glad to see it is not just me. Good job retrieving your lost tackle. That sucks to lose a whole rig like you almost did.
  18. Man are the sea flies bad on Cayuga this weekend on the East side. Royal pain in the butt. Weeds were a pain also. Had a bunch of people at camp so did little trolling. Did manage to get out for an hour or so Monday a.m. One Laker north of long point on the east side. 68 feet down on the rigger. Black and silver spoon. Saw lots of boats congregating off of Long point. Heard someone caught a nine pounder. Dont know what though?
  19. Eric, I will give you a call next week. I still have aluminum for you also. I will be at camp all weekend. Cell: 607-221-4783 Talk to you later, Gray
  20. Home defense was mentioned on another site and seems to work excellent.
  21. Great job Eric. Looks like your crew had a ball. Few more hours on my motor and she will be broken in and ready to fish.
  22. Used to have that same boat and powerplant. Should have converted it to electronic ignition and upgraded the outdrive. It was a solid boat and it served us well.
  23. I may be able to help out. I fixed a floor on a 22 foot crestliner for a guy. Send me a private message. talk to you later, Gray
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