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  1. Hard top, and high power Binoculars for the BOW CANDY!
  2. I am on the East side on Northern Cayuga and have some weeds, but not like you speak of. They just roll up on shore but I dont have any floating mats out in the water. They sure are a pain in the but when trolling however. Where are you, in a small bay?
  3. Awesome! Glad you found it. Cant wait to see you hooked up on a double or more this fall. Test drove my boat with new motor today and she is now at the camp and ready to go.
  4. O.K. REELAXING lets see the pics of that new rig sitting in your driveway!!! She looks awesome! I still see you have the lund hidden out back. Does that help keep the wife at bay?
  5. Great shot Eric. I would like to see a picture of you with your entire armada. My rig should be ready to go this week.
  6. I recommend using the lighter cable provided with the DR to attach the ball. I lost a 13 pound ball at the Niagara bar this year but not my probe. WHEW! I got lucky. I have rigged mine like Billy v's and have not had an issue. I would try it and see before I monkeyed with changing it up YT
  7. http://www.myfishingpictures.com/img/125132.jpg http://www.myfishingpictures.com/img/125128.jpg http://www.myfishingpictures.com/img/125129.jpg http://www.myfishingpictures.com/img/125130.jpg http://www.myfishingpictures.com/img/125133.jpg http://www.myfishingpictures.com/img/125135.jpg http://www.myfishingpictures.com/img/125136.jpg
  8. Been waiting for that report Eric! Awesome job and pics. Glad you had a safe trip. talk to you later
  9. That is a really nice picture to have. A picture of your boat fully deployed from another boat. Tough shot to get set up. We should all make a point of taking a nice shot of each others rigs when we see each other out there. Later when we get home we can email them to each other. I am sure Eric will love the photos!
  10. I should have called him on his cell. I will wait until he returns for his report. I wish I was back up this weekend. I will be trolling Cayuga. It just is not the same anymore. I used to be content with the Cayuga fish! Ontario has spoiled me.
  11. O.K. You must be back from the bar by now Eric (MANIAC)! Lets have the full detailed report!!!!
  12. Just got off the phone with Big Jon. Speed riggers are now discontinued.
  13. Awesome fish Jim. When we were out fishing the day you called, I told the guys that you probably had a excellent chance of winning the derby with the fish doctor. Then you called with the news you boated that pig! We were laughing and all hoped it held for you. However, we all decided it would have been great to call you and tell you we beat it! When are you buying a big water boat? I bet it is a matter of time!
  14. I like to run 40 pound copper right down the middle with a j-plug about 250 feet back. I also have been running copper backed with mono of various lengths off planer boards. Like 200 feet of copper backed with mono off port board. Be sure to attach the mono to the board and not the copper. Run the same off starboard side with say 200 feet of copper backed with mono. I like to back with mono so I dont need mondo sized reels. You can run more copper setups like this off big boards if you have them. Just vary your copper lenghts to cover more of the water column. Hope this helps.
  15. Anybody know of the best place to get replacement motors for my big jon electrics? Found some for $125.00 each. Mine are getting slow and tired.
  16. Lou, I cant believe someone stole your camera. What a rotten s.o.b thing to do! Hopefully someone will return it..
  17. Thanks for your help Eric. We had an an absolute blast. In the process I created a monster. A friend is looking to buy a boat to setup for his own. I will post pics this week. Looks like Rochester area is supposed to get thunderstorms today but looks like it will clear up by the time you get there. If it was not for the end of the school year, I would take off another couple of days and be out there along side of you. Have a great time with your dad. Good luck, have fun, and more importantly have a safe trip. Talk to you later, Gray
  18. I think I heard you mention your close encounter on the radio. I saw that boat, had one outrigger on one side didnt he? Good report.
  19. I would guess by now it would not be necessary to fish canadian waters. We got canadian licenses in case as suggested by Maniac and were glad we did.
  20. Erby, Sunday a.m much of the debris cleared but not enough to ignore. Still trash just not as much. We were in Canadian water all of Friday. Canadian side of river? We launched in the river. Man that current is amazing. Tricky to load your boat. Good luck to you.
  21. Just got back from the bar yesterday. Friday we had a good day. 17 for 22. Mixed bag of Kings, Coho and rainbow/steelhead and one 11 pound laker. One rainbow weighed 7.6 pounds. Biggest king was 20 pounds. Saturday was a bit rough and despite the weather and temps we still managed 8 for 12. Mixed back again. Few Kings, biggest being 14 pounds. Sunday a.m we did 4 for 8. One nice king. The rest small to average coho's and rainbows. Nothing really stood out as the best setup. We caught fish on everything. Riggers were the slowest. Wire dipseys 125 down over 200-210 with clean alewive spoons and white pro troll hot chips with Little Boy blue tourny tie flies. Riggers 55-65 down with clean alewive spoons or die hards took some fish. Firetiger jointed stickbaits off the otter boards took lots of cohos and steelies. Lots of fun catching them. White pro troll with LBB flies on the wire thumper took fish also. 50 feet of copper straight down the shoot with a jointed glo black ladderback J pllug took fish and accounted for our biggest king. Down temps that produced for us were 38-40 degrees around 50-70 down. Down Speed was around 1.8-2.00 We fish the scum line and the trash outside the cans and had the best results. WATCH OUT FOR DEBRIS ESPECIALLY UNDER POWER!!! I would not power out in the dark up there. Trees logs, sticks poles, you name it floating around. Hope this helps out. It will be hot in another week to 10 days if not sooner. I am trying to get back up then! By the way, we trolled east and west and had similiar results. West may have been slightly better. THANKS for the help Eric (MANIAC)!
  22. Great job Jim, lou, others and the fish doctor! Glad that fish held up for you.
  23. I like the bunk over rollers myself. Easier to load by myself or with the kids, etc. To each his own
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