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  1. Thank you for the reply. I think at this point I am holding out for a 270 hardtop. I found one that I am interested in. I will keep your in mind. Thank you.
  2. I have bought them at Gander Mountain. Heres an NK version. The scale hologram seems to be key! This spoon has a silver cup
  3. I have bought them at Gander Mountain. Heres an NK version. The scale hologram seems to be key! This spoon has a silver cup
  4. I have bought them at Gander Mountain. Heres an NK version. The scale hologram seems to be key! This spoon has a silver cup
  5. Looking for a late 80's Sea Ray Amberjack or a Penn Yan Pro Hunter/ c-stalker, etc. Twin engine with no doghouse. Hardtop is a must if it is a Penn Yan and a bonus for an Amberjack. Anybody know of any good ones let me know
  6. Looks fun! You guys are without a doubt crazier than I am. I am sure your crew will get into some fish! Be extremely careful, that cold water makes me nervous. You cant believe how helpless you become in a minute or two in that cold water! Good luck and stay safe!
  7. Sounds interesting. Some of those private land honey holes can be great shooting. Take care
  8. I have not seen a good crazy rut in a few years. Just as the weather starts to get things looking good (I personally dont buy into the moon phases theory much) the weather changes and warms. They seem to lose momentum . I agree with the trickle rut concept. I did see some scraping and chasing but not that much. I would think with the lower population of does compared to years past in my area that the bucks would really be in competition for available hot doe in the area. More scrapes, fighting, chasing, grunting etc. I think the most accurate way I have been able to determine peak rutting activety is the massive falling of the larch (tamarack) needles. Just my thoughts.
  9. Nice deer and a nice shot at 55 yds. Lots of long range shots out there huh?
  10. Jolly II were is castile? We always hunt Cayuga in the late season. It is brutal weather but it is my favorite time to hunt ducks. The late season should be good. Heading to Tangiere Island in Ma/Va. in January for some ducks. That is always a good time. Good luck in the late season.
  11. Not so fast Rat Man! Just kidding. Choas I will send you a pm.
  12. Chaos do you still have the lift? Were on Cayuga are you located? My camp is in Levanna. How heavy is your boat. I think 4,000 lbs. would be at the min for my boat.
  13. Couldn't wait for any reports. Headed up to Cayuga for the last weekend of this season. Smoked a pile of Mallards, some blacks and buffleheads. Lots of Mallards and Blacks in the area. Some divers but no big flights yet. Did see four swans and heard some others out on the lake. Birds didnt want to decoy very well. Not surprised being late in the season. Back up for the late season soon.
  14. Season has been an absolute wash for me. I can sum it up fast. Opening day of gun at 7:00 a.m my cell phone vibrates in my pocket and just about scares the crap out of me. I was in the zone man. My wife calls and the family dog is bad and I had to take him to put him down. So at 7:05 I am climbing out of my tree to deal with that mess. The kids and wife were a mess. Never was able to get back out that day. Been a frickin grease fire ever since. I wanted to tell here to drive that dog across the creek within 250 yds and I could put the dog down from my tree. I didnt figure that would go over well. I am going to give it a try in the am. Smoked a bunch of ducks last weekend at the camp.
  15. I beg to differ with you that the coyotes are not impacting the deer herd. Yes if you kill a doe you possibly eliminate three deer the next fall. I think the trend of fewer hunters that are out there not killing doe help balance out those who are taking doe. In the spring of the year, those 'yotes are killing fawns at an alarming rate. There is some serious studies to prove that. I know where I hunt I can and do shoot many coyotes a season. Blast those greasy smelly top of the food chain deer killing 'yotes!
  16. Heard you nailed a couple good ones. Very nice bucks especially around our area Jim. Have you ever considered playing the in the ground?
  17. Looking for a update on Cayuga lake (East side) duck hunting reports. Especially around the Levanna area. Really interested in any redhead report for the area.
  18. Did you get that boat at Forest Fisheries in Homer? I looked at a similar boat there for a friend. Man that was a nice clean boat especially for the price. Congrats regardless were you got it. I will look for you on Cayuga.
  19. I can only imagine wrestling with a sail while trolling! Add a bit to the total choas!
  20. one 9volt any brand for my depth raider. Last the whole season.
  21. That will be a tough one to top my man! Nice job! That is one with your dad to cherish. My father lost interest in deer hunting. I cherish the memories!
  22. Nice deer! Interesting, never had any reaction to "the can".
  23. That is more fun when it is your buddies arrow you Robin hood after you tell him you are going to do it!
  24. Nice buck. Congrats on your best buck to date! Nice pic
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