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  1. Water temps and reports are improving. I sure hope we get into them. A lot of time and money put into this trip. For what it is worth, Oswego is producing some kings and coho's as well as browns. I would be heading up there this weekend if I was not heading to the bar. Sounds Like Ernie (fish doctor) boated a 24 pounder but not everyone was entered in the derby. :evil:
  2. hey reel, sorry to hear your trip was slow fishing. maybe later in May we can run my rig up again. I will let you know how we make out this weekend. I hope the warmer water comes quickly. Later, Gray
  3. In the electrical section at Lowes or home depot. I just bought a roll at a Curtis Lumber. I also paint it up with liquid tape after I put the rubberized tape on it. It makes for a completely sealed setup. Works great.
  4. We are going up the 2nd weekend in May due to cold water reports. Good luck and have a good time!
  5. Saw your boat at the marina last night. I will kick Rick in the arse when I see him! HA!
  6. I gave ya the bull---- before I clicked on the link. But you did get me to look
  7. I cleared some logs and drove over it and launched a 17' aluminum a few weeks ago. That launch should be taken care of.
  8. Figure up the cost of the trphy and we'll split it, or I'll kick in 10 or whatever is easiest.
  9. Musky Bob, thanks for the correction. I am on both sites all the time. Sorry for the confusion. I am sorry to say it happens often.
  10. Jeff, A.K.A. missem, sold me on the copper. It Was my hottest setup last year. I also am setting up various lengths of copper of my otter boards like Yankee troller. I use g-fly 40 pound.
  11. Check out my boat FOCUSED on lets see your rig section of this site. Page two I think. I mounted mine to my hard top also. Photos may help you some.
  12. lou, Had a great day on the water with you guys also. Was a pleasure to have someone else skillfully handle the boat for a while. Seeing those boys catch fish like that was a blast. Many more days like that to come Lou.
  13. I am for Long point because it is only about 3-4 miles by boat from my dock. I can pull the boat and trailer just about anywhere on the east side and boat across the lake if I need to. Whatever is easier for the majority.
  14. Oswego is said to have two feet of ice in the harbor still. It will be a while for Oswego.
  15. I always like Seneca for Perch. I do well at cayuga also. South end launch is open on Seneca I hear as well as the launch at Severne.
  16. Thanks for the report. Definately interested in Seneca reports. So the South end launch is open? Thinking about heading up Sunday. Was going to go this Sunday but the weather was not as planned.
  17. Big Dave, You can catch fish from long point all the way north to the red jacket yacht club trolling. Everthing from lakers, landlocks, browns, monster smallies and even those annoying pickerel. I almost never go farther south than long point on the east side and sheldrake on the west side. I have no need to. I am lucky to be in good water (80 feet plus in 1/4 mile from the dock to 110 feet within 1 mile from the dock.
  18. Sounds good to me. I am sure I can put together a crew.
  19. Thanks Ray. I am familiar with all the areas mentioned. I will post any info if I am able to get out soon. I will try Severne more than likely. I bet it is the best bet to get to open water. Thanks again.
  20. I realize the main lake body doesnt freeze. But the marinas and launches dont freeze???
  21. Anybody know if any launches on Seneca are bubbled? I can't imagine any launch could be open without being bubbled. Weather is supposed to warm up. I would love to get out for some perch.
  22. I cant stress how nice 4 wheel drive is. Especially at the ramps. If you go 4 wheel drive, you will never drive another two wheel drive vehicle again. I love Fords and have always had excellent luck with them. I use them as a work truck and virtually beat the heck out of them. However, I do not agree with some of the groups that Ford have chosen to endorse and I may have to go to a Toyota or Chevy.
  23. That is the same way I feel Eric. I love to get them to bite, and watch the excitement of the kids and newbies. It is more rewarding I think. My nephew has fought more Kings aboard my boat than I have by far. I do like to haul one in once in a while though.
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