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  1. Well that clears that up . Thanks guys.
  2. rbonnell thanks for the quick reply, were you just sitting there waiting for me to make this post. LOL.
  3. So the late BP season is does only,is our archery buck or doe tag and our reg.gun buck tag still be good for a buck during the late season? I know I could check this out with the DEC but I thought it would give us something else to yack about. And this is for those big old Bunners out there watching this board thinking there safe if they can make it through the reg.gun season, you better dig a deeper hole to hide in.
  4. Hey Ray,I see your still cluttering up your driveway with dead animals. Nice Buck. :yes:
  5. Looking at that arrow I'd say you don't have to look for it,Its down. :yes:
  6. If you still have enought slot left in the screw file your screwdriver down to fit the slot, use a cresent wrench or vicegrips as low or close to the screw as you can and break the screw lose, keep steady pressure on screwdriver so it doesn't slip. hope this helps, it works for me.
  7. Back in the 70ds I hunted behind my house for deer,there was a pack of coydogs out there, I always had a 22 semiauto under my coat. Better safe than sorry. Great story.
  8. What Pequod said, it was a fun thing Seagers has started and I hope it grows in the future, it was a good day to fish,had a good time.Thanks to the fellow fishermen that took the time to come over and see if we needed help and tow us in.May your fish box always be full. Thanks to the guys at Seagers for taking the time to do the weigh in and feed us Pizza and wings. We'll be back.
  9. Well I thank in order for you to refrain maybe you could go hunt a peice of state land where you could shoot a buck if you chose or you could take a nice doe and put it on a BP tag. Get out of that recliner and go hunting.
  10. I think your right, looks like a young buck that hasen't finished growing into a large body and if you let him go two more years he'll be a dandy, thats if he can make it two more years.
  11. Good news ,I cleaned up the cam and straightened the sight.It shot right on without ajustment.
  12. They say you can't fix dumb,they may have stumbled onto something.LoL BuckBoardjr,Gun season years ago we stoped and finished off a wounded doe, did the gut job through her in the truck and drove back to camp and hung the deer, then the shooter said did you put my gun in the truck and I said I thought you did. He was lucky his scoped Browning was laying in a cut corn field about 50yds from the road, it was still there. Now I have to try and salvage my bow, may have to replace the cam.
  13. Don't set your bow on the hood of your truck while you put the other things away!! I set my compound on the hood and got out my stick bow and left it there,it was dark when I pulled out of my parking spot,first time I hit the brakes the bow hit the blacktop. IT'S hard to beleve I didn't see it up there. I bent the hell out of the sight and got some road rash,not sure if I need to replace the cam or not, I'm not happy. I think old is catching up with me. Just posting this to maybe save someone some grief.
  14. Did you paper tune your bow yet? I shoot 85gr. thunderheads out of my Mathews and after I tuned the bow and the arrows they shoot the same as my field points. Some of those wouldbe speed bows are not forgiving as a little slower bow, Are you shooting the same shafts you shot out of the old bow? I think I should ask how your field points shoot before critize your shooting ability. Hope this help a little. Good luck.
  15. Take your drill with you on the boat,drill and try out till you get what you want for speed.
  16. The range will be closed down as of the 9-22-15, thats next week. It will be open monday -tuesday 4:30 till dark. theres four eighteen ft. towers to sharpen your stand shooting and targets to check out your broadheads. Its located at RT.390 and 15A in Henrietta. Greenbrier Dr. first right off 15a one block south of 390. Next right off Greenbrier to church parking lots.Orange signs up at both turns. Its open to all bowhunters so round up your friends and Come on down. Theres also targets for the youngsters to shoot so bring them along. A $5.00 donation will help replace old 3D targets if you have it. See you next week.
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