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  1. Good day, nice fish. Keep it going. Thanks for the post & info. I only get out time to time, [ Post made via Android ]
  2. Awesome! Had to take a all around team effort to land. Way to go guys. Cheers. [ Post made via Android ]
  3. Thanks for the report Chris. Might be headed that way soon. Have heard the fishing has been fairly decent without the wind.
  4. Thanks again to you Pro's for pointing out another useful tool on the water. I'm heading North in another couple weeks and will see about those divers. Love those pics with the Kids & you're soooo... right about hooking them up with a the fish. Those are bigger than the sunnies they are used to. (Not that there's anyting wrong with Sunnies). Anyhoo..... Sweet. And thanks to all you great SPORTSMEN for all the great daily info for us occasional/weekender guys. Keep it up guys! If not for us, the kids we're trying to get hooked-up!!!!!
  5. being solo -- a good morning of fishing. Nice going & thanks for the CP&R, worth the effort & a sign of a REAL sportsman. Nothing wrong with keeping one for the grill or smoker once in awhile, especially if they're going to go belly up anyway. Fleas + flies... mmmm I'll slather the bug dope over the SPF. Hope the rain helps really set things up solid. See you guys out this weekend
  6. Thanks for the report. good news. hope to be out this weekend following the same route. hope we can hook up with even a couple/.
  7. C&R

    soft flooring

    Its a fiberglass boat. I appreciate all of your comments. I'll be taking a look this weekend to see how extensive the rot is. Does anyone know if there is anything out there like the truck bedliner stuff that can be applied instead of vinyl??
  8. C&R

    soft flooring

    If I'm lucky its just one section of plywood like in FSN's picture that needs replacing. I'm assuming non-slip marine vinyl with waterproof glue was used.
  9. 1986 18' open bow f&s; 2nd owner last 12+ yrs; floor has a soft spot in middle of floor just behind the front seats. Hasn't taken the boat out of service yet... Can't tell how extensive rot is without ripping it all up. I'm handy and up for the challenge. Would like to get an expert to quote it before I take it on. any recommendations for expert repair is appreciated. Might be worth having boat back on the water before I can. I've been researching replacement but am open to tips, suggestions, comments, etc.. I'll check stringers and use marine plywood,stainless screws & fiberglass/resin. Questions: How thick plywood & who carries it? Would CDX work? Any comments on floatation foam? Any good options besides carpeting? I Plan on keeping boat for awhile. Thanks in advance.
  10. That's it ! I'm digging the boat out of my barn tomorrow. Thanks for setting my priorities straight fellas.
  11. Real nice. You've definitely put in your time and are deserving. Due to too many other obligations, I only get out a fraction of the time you guys (LOC Board Regs) and really appreciate the posts. Saving me some time and effort = better catch per unit effort. Kudos!
  12. Tanks for the reports. Some nice fish! We hope to get out this week
  13. Thanks for the reports. Heading up next weekend closer to A-Bay. 1st time taking my boat (always fished in someone else's) so I've been trying to study my map/charts. These starting points will help. thanks guys! I'll check back for report from Cabby - hope its all good!
  14. Good Info - thanx, it will give us a something to start with
  15. Thanks for info fishinMan--> Sounds like u had more than 1 line in h2o Is the little guy good at steering or netting??
  16. Thanks for the info FreeMan. Been putting off getting my canvas done but finally starting to get anoyed by those drips. My neighbor had a new one made this Spring & cost a bundle.
  17. Thanks for the update, knew Erie had plenty of ice still. where did you get your info?
  18. NICE !!!!!!!!!! Too bad it went dorsal down
  19. Ahh... sounds like Fireplug got bit by the bug. Nice fish.... a good day all in all by the sounds of it.
  20. Nice clean lake, good fishing all over, great views and nice people. Stopped by the tackle shop by the State Park - friendly fellow. Anyway, stripped off the trolling gear and kept it simple. More room in the boat, easier to swim, etc.. Loaded up on decent size perch, tons of large sunnies and got into the smallies. Lots of fun for the kids. Hit a couple LARGE Bronzebacks (17" fatties) in 20fow on East side at the "crotch" of the Y - just off a thick weedbed on the old standby --> worm rigs. Hard to believe some of the depths I was reading just a stone throw from shore. 148fow in one spot! Over off Branchport, I was marking all kinds of fish down 60' over 80+. Plenty on the bottom 60 to 80 fow also. Never tried jigging. But, I'll definitely be back & with trolling gear. Campground was pretty nice with decent size sites. (I've seen some palces where its wide open and on top of each other). Great place, good thing going on there. I hear you guys .......shhhhhhhh.
  21. Troutman - thanks for the info; I'll look up the Post and check tackle shops. Will run riggers & dipsey like on the big lake.
  22. Ha ha ha ha ha..... Too bad, Looked like a money fish too! and thanx for the report too.
  23. Sweet! I'll be looking for you on the water to see what you're up to. You Must be doing something right. Keep it going & you might end up with more than just gas money!! Way to go guys!
  24. Camping at the state park in Branchport. Never fished there , looking for fairly current info/locations, any species. normally fish on more west fingers or on Lake Ontario - don't know the area, but will try it starting w/ bass. etc... Maybe see what the FF looks like - and drop down for Lakers ?? Kids don't care, as long as there is action. :shock: Yes, Ray K - for the kids sake!
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