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  1. I have had good luck with stinger size ice frogs on free sliders. Another rig I use is a small orange dipsy pulling a nk 28 orange crush. I run this about 90 to 110 feet out using power pro line. It takes a lot of steelheads too.
  2. I don't know how new your talking about but I have a 310 and a 320 that are less than 4 years old. I like them a lot and would not hesitate to buy more of them. I did also get a 330 for a lead core set up but I have not used that one yet. The drags can be a little stiff when letting out line but I guess you can change the drag somehow if you want. It does not bother me. They are also very loud drags so when a fish hits it will wake you up from a nap.
  3. You just have to remember Roy G Biv. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet So a good rule of thumb is that reds run the near the top and purple runs near the bottom. Green In the middle.
  4. Here is a link to Sundays outdoor page. http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/other ... 80157.html
  5. I think you are fine with the weeks you have now. You are well past the transition period of eary June, and most of the Kings are still feeding before the fall run. Of course any week can be good or bad but pushing your week forward or back of those dates should not alter your chances. Any week between the 4th of July and labor day should be good at the Oak as long as the Weather and lake temps are ok. Good Luck
  6. Sorry I was just reading the original post. If this is an issue with a bank giving a loan on a pre 1987 boat I don't think there is anything that will make them happy as far as a boat loan goes. Because there is no title they can not hold a lien on the boat. The buyer would have to apply for a personal loan or a home equity loan and use that to finance the boat. Banks would be reluctant to finance a 20 year old boat as it is.
  7. This link should help. http://www.nysdmv.com/proove.htm. If you register a trailer as home made they will want to know what it weighs. Take it to a truck scale if you can and get a printout for proof. If you get lucky they might take your word for it, but be ready with an answer when they ask.
  8. Here are a list of the ones at the oak. http://www.attheoak.com/marinas.html
  9. This story is from a book called the Fishing hall of shame by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo. It has a lot of funny fishing stories, this is a prime example. Rocky the Labrador Retriver. " On a bone chilling day in the winter of 1967 Frank Lindquest of Minneapolis brought along his pet dog Rocky for companionship as he waited patiently inside his shanty for a fish to take his bait. It was the first time Lindquest had his dog accompany him on an ice fishing trip. The loyal labrador retriever lay on the ice beside the hole, curiously looking down into the icy water. Suddenly a large pike swam right accross the hole, just below the waters surface. Rocky lept to his feet barking excitedly. Sshh! Sshh! you'll scare it off! Lindquest hissed. But Rocky barked again then jumped headfirst into the hole after the fish! The pike darted away But Rocky swam after it. Going deeper and deeper under the thick grey sheet of ice. By the time the Labrador realized he could never catch the fast moving fish, he was hopelessly lost and trapped. Rocky frantically paddled here and there, back and forth desperately searching for the hole from which he had dived. Soon his lungs were nearly bursting and his body was getting numb from the cold. Then up ahead he saw a shaft of yellow light beaming down from a hole in the ice. Rocky swam toward it and veered upward. He had no idea that the hole led to another shanty thirty feet away from his master's Ker-splash! The dog's head popped out of the water shocking the fisherman who had been hunkered down over the hole! The angler jumped back in surprise. In a lifetime of fishing he had seen some strange looking creatures, but this one beat them all. Dog-tired Rocky finally scrambled out of the hole. Shivering from the friged water, he furiously shook his body showering the still stunned fisherman from head to toe. Minutes later the diving dog and his worried master were reunited."
  10. This one has all kinds of boats but you can narrow it down to your area and type. http://www.boattrader.com
  11. I don't expect we will see $4 a gallon again this year unless there is a major supply disruption. The auction price of whole sale gas fell from $1.19 to $1.11 today. The mark up is normally less than a dollar above that depending on where you live. Right now there is a lot of oil and gas in storage and unless demand picks up in a hurry they have to move it by cutting prices.
  12. Before you cut the cord from New York City. http://www.cgr.org/reports/04_R-1400_NY ... yments.pdf
  13. "My other concern here is the $19 nys and $40 out of state new "Marine fishing license".....according to the 2008-2009 freshwater fishing regs a annual license for residents is $19 and annual non-resident is $40. I dont see a real description of what this "new" license is. Could it actually be a second license, effectively doubling the cost of your fishing license? Do the math on what that would cost your customers before they even set foot on your boat! Even as a resident, if you pay the current $19 annual fishing license fee and then pay the new "marine fishing license" and the $10 trout/salmon stamp, you are forking over $48 in fees before you even wet a line. I hope I am reading that incorrectly, but all of the other fees seem to be doubling, so why not the fishing license????" I have not seen the specifics but I assume that the Marine fishing license will be for salt water fishing only. North Carolina introduced this 2 years ago and I pay $10 for a 10 day non resident license to fish off the beach. The 6 pack charters pay $250/ year to cover all pasengers so they do not need to buy a licsense too fish off the boat.
  14. You really can't blame the Governor too much for this one. He asked the legislators to make cuts multiple times last year and they always came up short. They also rejected his proposals for cuts or reduced them. The additional taxes and fees are to make up for the lost revenue from the layoffs on wall street and the banking industry. He has dug his heels in on rasing the income tax which a lot of the clowns in Albany wanted to do. To be honest with the whole state in an uproar because of the economic downturn fighting the Trout and Salmon stamp seems like it will be a difficult battle to win. I think what we have to focus on is to make sure that the stocking programs remain in place at high levels. When push comes to shove funding fishing programs takes a back seat to closing more hospitals, schools, and prisons. If things get really bad they could stop stocking anything.
  15. I would like to know what to they mean by Trout? Is this just for great Lakes and tribs or is this for stream fish and inland Lakes? Not that it matters I have to buy one.
  16. I have fished on charters from the Outer Banks in the summer. The Tuna we caught that time of year were yellowfin I think? If the tuna were active and feeding There is not much too it other than getting over them with Ballyhoo. There trouble is when they were down there is nothing you could troll in the water that they would take. The crew told me that tuna have such good eye sight that they can see any fishing line you put out. What we were able to do is take them with a kite program skipping weighted squid like lure over the surface. Nothing cooler than seeing a big tuna jump out of the water to take a bait hanging off a kite. Bluefin might be a different game. I don't know much about how you target them.
  17. Our normal speed is only 2 to 2.5 mph. I do run up around 4 mph at times but you get a lot of blow back on the down riggers. Most of us run cannon balls but if you are going real fast they may not work that well. I think you have to run the riggers straight off the transom at those speeds I don't think dipseys will work that well if you are going for big Kings or wahoo. they might be ok for blues or spanish. Use braid like you would for a planner. Most of the ocean guys skip Ballyhoo on the surface or close too it. The two types of trolling are quite different. I never have been on an ocean boat that used a downrigger although I have seen a few equiped with them. Where are you fishing?
  18. Just realized what you ment by planers. We do not use them up on the great lakes as the dipsy divers work for us. If you are comparing salt water to fresh water trolling note that we run slower than the salt water guy's. A planer would work on the great lakes but you have to it run straight off the back of a boat and with dipsys we run off the side to keep clear of the downriggers off the back.
  19. The quick answer is that $200 is great price fast or slow. It is rare that you find a working one cheaper than that. How deep do you fish? Slow retrieve only starts to bother me below 70 or 80 feet. I don't know how you are going to mount it but just make sure it's not going to fall in the water. We don't worry about the cannon balls, wires and other stuff on most days. The fish don't seem to mind. If it is slow we might go to dipsy's copper or lead core if the fish are shy. Good luck
  20. The wholesale price for gas right now is around $1.36/gal at auction. In a normal environment upstate New York pays about a dollar a gallon above wholesale after delivery, markup, and taxes are added on. It is still around $2.75 in the Buffalo area. Why that is no one seems to have a clue. It will go down at some point to be more in line with the rest of upstate I think.
  21. Thanks for the info Stan, I guess watching a seal toy with a 20lb fish is a larger version of my cat toying with a 20 gram mouse.
  22. Stan, Do they stock salmon in the rivers out west like we do in the great lakes?
  23. I am going from memory but the issue seemed to be that if anyone crossed an international border and commited fraud in some way to try and win money that it violated the law with very large penalties, long jail terms and steep fines. Even though this seems like a deterrent one discrepancy could end someone in the kind of trouble that would not help anyone. I think the observer rule plays into this as you are bringing an unwitting participant over an international border to commit a fraud.
  24. A number of posters in this thread have been asking for a rule change to fish in Candaian waters. It is my understanding from a lotsa meeting a few years ago that there are some leagal issues that pretty much prevent any thought about changing this rule.
  25. I think you are looking at numbers that are affected by the clouds. The water temp is still around 60F.
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