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  1. By the time the study is done it will most likely be to late. Any one seen how fast the government studies things. This problem has been in the works for years now. More lip service from officials trying to stay in office.
  2. I stand corrected $ 279.00, & thats without searching. http://www.fishingandhuntingusa.com/ed02012.html
  3. How's fishing been, thanks for the updates. BTW New those are only about $ 300, Captain's pac, with 2 rod holders & swivel bases are only $ 450 if you find them right.
  4. Guy dow the road has a 12 or 14 deep V rowboat,oars, trailer, motor (newer evenruide 9.9 I believe) for $ 1000, from a drive by looks like a good deal. I can get the number if you want it.
  5. I bought a used Striper (1999) a couple of years ago. They are heavy boats, The glass is twice if not more as thick as my prevoius boat. For a 23' with a 225 Johnson, with a full load of fuel it will do about 35. Handles rough water very well, the first weekend we bought it we went to the fireworks at charlotte after launching at Sandy Creek, ran back into 5-7 ft waves at night, it took awhile, but no issues even with three little one sleeping in the cuddy. I have had two issues, first where the transom & corners meet is not level making mounting riggers more diffucult, second the fuel pump on the engine went (it appeared it had been serviced prevously), took it to RAS he rembered the boat turned out the wrong size anti siphon valve was in the line, causing the failure of fuel pump, told me it was probably like that since new. Other than that it has been a good boat. With the kids its nice when they spill cleanup is quick.
  6. Are they going to wash & sterize the birds that fly from lake to lake to make sure there are no mussel larve on them either. I'm sure there are other ways as well. One way or another they will get in there. Face the facts, figure out what your going to once they're there.
  7. I haven't been able to get out as much as I would like, wifes work schedule, & with the kids launching would be diffifult alone. I'm thinking of leaving boat in the water for rest of season. Any recommendations ? What do you guys do as far as security out here (leave the stuff on the boat or take it with you), is theft a problem ? I know some of the guys at the river used to unload every night, which to me defeats the purpose of leaving it in the water.
  8. "Surge brakes are being outlawed in Ohio and other states like NC are really hammering Yankees without trailer brakes meeting their higher standards. Probably a good idea when you upgrade your rigs to equip them with electric brake systems" My equipment trailers all have eletric brakes. However I would think that electric brakes on boat trailers wouldn't work (I have neer seen them on a boat trailer either). Just figued water & electric didn't mix.
  9. I put mine on myself. Big jon has a decent website, I wouldn't be suprised if the install instructions were on there, if not I'm sure they'll send them to you.
  10. They have a disscusion forum. Blacklake.org ? somthing like that, check there. I've never been there, my brother was looking at posiblly buying property there. We're going up in July, hope it lives up to the expectations.
  11. Try great lakes boat repair, there in ontario/sodus area, right off 104.
  12. Brand new never installed. Box is weathered from sitting. See link for more info. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... ISO-8859-1
  13. Just like every other law it is up to the officer writing the ticket most likely, (he can't be WRONG or use common sense). You'll end up being better of discussing a ticket with the DA. I would imagine the chances of the stoping a boat 2 miles offshore to check their cut bait for a reciept or somting are pretty rare.
  14. Years ago I worked for a charter based out of Shumway. He wasn't very busy & had more money than brains. They got into both inboards (350's) hard to have major work done. It was a beutiful boat to work on though, brand new 28' Welcraft Costal, loaded with newest at the time electronics. This was back in the early 90's, I can't imagine it's gotten better.
  15. Last time we launched at Sandy there was a guy fishing on the boat lauch dock, its a launch dock not fishing dock correct ? Any way I left the engine on when I went to get the trailer, with my wife & son in the boat. The guy aparantly got rude with my wife, (about motor running, which she wasn't sure how to shut off) etc. She got all nervous & such. The water is gtting low there by the way, my Striper had a hard time comming off the trailer. I only will back to end of ramp, as last season I watched Kaisers have to winch a trailer out that went in to far. So anyway I drove the boat on the trailer made sure I stirred things up a bit, only to find out that wife had strap under front roller instread of between (because she was so nervous), so had to launch (under power of course) & re load correctly. I bet he didn't catch a thing by the time I was done. BTW he was illegally parked in the circle. This isn't the first time people on the fishing on the dock have been rude. I know at Port Bay (similiar State area) there are a couple "NO FISHING" signs on the launch dock. Maybe it is needed there to.
  16. Lake not stream. Which are a better bet? I haven't fished Sandy in the fall, how is the run. I have lots of experience "combat fishing" at the pierheads however.
  17. I spooled one of my reels with dacron backing & leadcore. Ended up getting 300 ft of backing, then 400 of leadcore, (700 ft). Is that enough, or should I strip it off & put mono backing & all 600 ft of leadcore.
  18. What is the delervery date? It says 11 am, but no date?
  19. Never dealt with them. I've used RAS for my Johnson stuff, he is very through. Not the easiest to deal with as he has his (owner) own opions, but it is fixed right, for the most part at a fair price, usually less than quoted. I bought the boat from Bryce & after dealing with them for minor warranty/deal issues I'm glad it doesn't have a Merc, or I'd be driving. I or friends/relatives have also dealt with McMillian, Pelican Point & Silver Lake all are very good & have been honest.
  20. Glad to hear it was canceled, I wanted to attend but had kids that weekend while wife was a work, then I ended up working to (plowing). Hopfully will attend the re-scheduled one.
  21. How rough is the river ? What type of boat is reqired ? would a 14' aluimun be sufficient?
  22. One of the members here had PM'd regarding my Striper & where I found it (I don't recall who). There is one on craigslist (Rochester) today, hope it helps.
  23. That price seems high. This past summer I purchased a 1999 23' Striper, with a 225 Johnson Offshore engine for not much more than your looking at, for a lot newer boat. I would keep looking, I used to fish out of a Grady 25', had a 260 hp I/O. The boat I have now handles the lake much better.
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