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  1. speaking of buckets.... My son goes to school in Arizona and called me the other day telling me while he was fishing there was a guy using a snag hook to snag 2 giant 7 and 9 lb Largemouth off the beds and he had them in a bucket. He convinced the jerk to let 1 go but he was keeping the other. My son flagged a cop down as he was leaving and told the cop. Hopefully he did something. Jerks where ever you go....
  2. Ive seen it first hand from a pond near spencerport. Years ago before catch and release we kept a few slobs over 6 lbs from a small farm pond and the pond went downhill from there. It was never the same. These ponds are very fickle and you can disrupt the whole ecosystem by keeping a few big breeders. My advise is to release them all, go get your meal at a restaurant. These fish have problably not reached their potential yet and anyways as they were stocked not too long ago. The season is also currently closed as well.
  3. Good luck on your trip but please note MUSKIE season is closed till the 3rd Sat in June (16th).
  4. Anyone have any walleye reports for the Genesee, Oak Orchard or Lower Niagara? Even accidental catches?
  5. Fisherie.com is mostly PA reports of L. Erie. It has almost nothing of eastern lake Erie. There must be something even close to this board here qualitywise.
  6. Ive often wondered myself. I cant believe nobody knows. How are we suppose to follow the law if we dont know it? I dont drink while boating anyways but it would be nice to know for buddies on board.
  7. Does anybody know of a good Lake Erie Smallmouth/walleye forum as good as this one?? Thanks Ive been checking but cant seem to find a good one.
  8. Anybody have any Perch reports from Seneca lately? Was down there sunday, saw a few boats but they left quickly. We didnt do much either. Water is still cold 41 but wondering if its still going on or if its petered out. Trying to get any Perch info on Seneca is like trying to get top secret clearence at a nuclear plant. Its a joke, no one gives up any info on Seneca Perch. Anybody?
  9. Id like to do the LOC but before I spend the entry fee, I need a partner. My boat or yours. Want to fish west side of Lake from Hamlin to Niagara area. Available weekends or during the week (2 days). If interested, email me and we can set something up. [email protected] Thanks BP
  10. About 10 years ago I was jigging for smallmouth in Canandaigua L. in about 40-50 feet water. I got a hit, reeled it in and by george I caught a bass that someone had lost. Amazingly my jig was in the mono loop of the hook that was in the bass. I never hooked the bass only the mono hook loop that someone else lost. What are the odds of that happening in water that deep? True story.
  11. Are you sure about 2 rods per person in Canadian waters? I thought it was 1 rod per angler. I know its 1 rod per angler in the Niagara River in Canadian water. ?????
  12. Went out to the bar Sat and surprisingly it sucked! Had a couple on and landed 1 34" Laker. Saw guys netting fish for about 1 hour tops and then it went stone cold. By noon, everyone was gone. Floating ice all around and 35 degree water, didnt mark much either. Has the water temp been 35 or lower all year or did it go down recently with the release of the ice???
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