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  1. Niceeeeeeee. Great job. . Thanks for report and pics.
  2. Nice start to the 2013 lake fishing year. I joined 2 of my fishing and hunting comrades in our winter 14 foot fishing machine. Decided on Seneca with the wind, weather forecasted to change and blow by noon. Launched at Watkins Glen with slight south winds, started around 6:30 and headed towards the salt plant. Nice pick at salmon and browns. Kept a couple for the cooker. Around 11am , front came in from the NW and soon lake got grumpy quick, Top 40 fow of water seemed productive for us , using cores, coppers, rigger and surface lures. Firetiger, natural sticks, stingers spoons in natural and Craig's MF drew our hits. Get your boats ready for 2013. Tight lines my friends. Fish are waiting for you!!
  3. Nice Report and pics. great catch. thanks for sharing. Can't wait for weather to break and to get the boat out there.
  4. SOLD pending payment [ Post made via Android ]
  5. Awesome. Gr8 job and start to 2013. Thanks for sharing. [ Post made via Android ]
  6. 50 Trolling Flies - $50 shipped , Assorted Atommiks, howies, homemade flies. etc, in assorted colors. Small plastic lure case included. $50 shipped. Thanks for lookin!
  7. NICEEEEEEEEEE ! ED. Congrats on the upgrade ENJOY and TIGHT LINES !!!
  8. Great story. Thanks for.sharing. [ Post made via Android ]
  9. Great job and reports Tim. Congrats on your tournament successes. Impressive results from one of the smallest boats in a highly competitive field. [ Post made via Android ]
  10. Great report. It sure was a stellar day out there. Thanks for sharing pics. [ Post made via Android ]
  11. Great report and pics Tim. Looks like lots of action and probably sore fishermen today [ Post made via Android ]
  12. Great Tournament Tom! Always look forward to this tourney day every year. Well executed, organized and a pleasure to fish. lots of action this year from all teams. Keep up the great work !!
  13. Nice report dw. Hope to get out there tomorrow and weekend [ Post made via Android ]
  14. Thanks nick for flea update. Uggggggghh. Gonna try to bail out of work early for pm bite on buddy's boat outta fhaven. Good. Reports last nite in that 200fow range down 100. Black and green mags. [ Post made via Android ]
  15. I just called wrights. They will let you launch no later than 6am. Then launch closed till noon. Good luck [ Post made via Android ]
  16. Wow. Great fish.!!. Congrats. [ Post made via Android ]
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