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  1. What's the Username? When Part II was posted I only had to enter the Password...
  2. With that size boat, Youngstown is also an option, but its a fairly "healthy" run if you want to fish the Red Can / Drop.
  3. Fingers crossed and doing everything I can to get E to melt...
  4. Olcott - stay at the Lighthouse...complete with kitchenette to assist in making it more affordable on a college guy budget
  5. http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.php?region=e&page=1&template=subℑ=a1.15074.1843.LakeErie.143.250m.jpg
  6. Leftover natural? http://www.nytimes.com/1988/05/01/sports/outdoors-stocking-of-raritan-angers-fishermen.html
  7. Yes, this IS mostly because NY is a very broken State, and the leadership has forgotten a long time ago that they work for US. AMEN VINCE!!! Guess that's why some of the southern tier counties want to come to our "not-quite-so-broken" state...
  8. The molds were designed and built in the USA, the plastic is compounded in the USA, the terminal components are all made in the USA, and they are molded, painted, assembled and packaged in Erie, PA.
  9. The government needing more money line is getting old...if that's a problem, then why reduction in licenses? It's not the problem, its inefficiency. Tom is very correct, mama nature has a big say it what transpires...remember 2011 I believe it was? Then polar opposite last year
  10. How big were those giant Luhrs of the last couple years...like that beast from Florida?
  11. **** central today...already had a 250 copper ripped off, dodging idiots cutting between boats everywhere
  12. Lil sporty this am, but a 2 yr old and a mature in the boat
  13. Is it just a far below normal year for stocking a few years back? An over-abundance of bait that has them eating "natural" as opposed to metal and mylar offerings? Why so few matures???
  14. Sunday: SLAUGHTERFEST...4 tickets before 9:15am, 148 - 172 fow, from just west of the red barn to the Microwave Tower...a one-way plow fest. Studs: MAG Moonshine Flounder Pounder on 100' rigger. White / Green Dot spinnys on 250 inside divers and 350 outside divers. Kings from 8lbs up to 23 1/2lb stud, a couple high teens in the mix too - sorry no pic of fish alone, only board shot, got on video though (too large to upload) that came on the outside diver. We had fish cleaned, boat trailered, and were heading back to the Lake Ontario Motel by 10:20. (1st pic - board at Marina). Monday morning set up in the same water...got a teenie before all the rods in on the 100 rigger, Moonshine rig then quiet... Realized top temp had dropped 3.5 degrees into the upper 40s and we went to search mode to find our water. Got into 100 fow, surface temp hit 50 degrees and fired 3 rods. Put two teenagers into the boat and began to work the warmer water. Picked at 'em, lost a good screamer on outside diver and ended up pulling 3 tickets in that water with the highlight a 23 1/2 on the Moonshine Flounder Pounder down 85 over 100 fow. The final tally illustrated in pic with 3 of us standing beside the Newfane Marina board. As usual, great trip: good times, good friends, good lake - awesome numbers of Kings, with some quality fish mixed in. Lots of salmon for our freezers and to put smiles on friends and families' faces back home with grill fodder.
  15. Water color all over in 85...clear, stained, dirty, green...lots of variability
  16. Wouldn't say snappin, but there are some around. We did 4/7 on Kings today and 2 boots. 75 - 95 microwave to magic mountain
  17. Some Kings at 30 mile point...that's where 1,2,3, & 22nd place finishers got there's. Tough bite, and early bite...we were 1/2 in the first 45 minutes of fishing...of course the second bite was a bigger King, and it was the one that came unbuttoned. Half core with Purple Tuxedo Mich Stinger Stingray did both bites over 37 fow
  18. Youngstown Motel (At the Fort), Lighthouse in Olcott. A few options...
  19. Amen Tim! Love Lake O Kings! Especially Springers!
  20. 215 down over 280 off Olcott the Memorial Day weekend before last...meat rig
  21. Keep the updates on floes and flotsam coming guys! Much appreciated!
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