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  1. So, 5% cover, a warm night tonight and warm rain tomorrow ought to mean an imminent yank, right?
  2. Looks a lot better to me! http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/webdata/cwops/html/modis/modis.php?region=e&page=1&template=subℑ=a1.14114.1828.LakeErie.143.250m.jpg
  3. Where is everyone getting the ice coverage percentage? I'm sure the continued warm last night, warm this morning and imminent rain / wind will put another "whoopin'" on it today until the chill tonight / tomorrow... C'mon Power Authority! PULL THE BOOM!!!!
  4. When in doubt this time of year..."Heaven's Waiting Line"...80 - 125 fow from the barn to the microwave tower
  5. Drive that hook home! Those hard mouths can be tough to stick...just make sure you have a great drag, like a Tekota
  6. Good evening, nice lake (finally) ended 6 / 1...all Kings, dropped two heavies, one on a diver that just wouldn't stop taking line on a slow, powerful steady run and a screamer on the probe rigger...last go in the am
  7. Rockin waves goin this am...2 / 4 on big boys...added an accidental Coho. Trying to ladown, gonna try to giver her an evening run...
  8. Rockin waves goin this am...2 / 4 on big boys...added an accidental Coho. Trying to ladown, gonna try to giver her an evening run...
  9. Set up and fired 100 rigger...19# shark. Reset and 300 copper fires...unbuttoned. To be continued...
  10. Fish on!!!!! .............King! Fish on!!!!! Greaser... ............ weigh in... LOCK JAW KINGS... Congrats to fellow EPSFA member (PA BOYs!) Capt. Todd Pavlik...great effort and win! Be back next year... I'd say lessons learned, but not sure what we would have done differently...the kitchen sink kind of empties the ability to introduce different presentations / spreads...
  11. Tough Labor Day weekend bite off Olcott. NE blow screwed up "Heavens Waiting Line" and no rods moved in 3 hrs where we had seen kings stacked up staging in a quick try the nite prior. Went into search mode heading straight north between the red barn and port. We hid 220 fow and a diver fires yielding a decent steelie, continued north and the port rigger with spinny fires, up comes a shaker, our first King! Sent the rig back down and it wasn't down 10 seconds and pops no bounce, no nothing, crap, release must be too loose...grabbed the rod and the drag starts peeling! What's going on? 20 minutes later a black backed submarine surfaces behind the boat...holy crap! Get it to the back of the boat and it makes its death run, crossing both rigger cables, wrapping in the starboard cable! Capt. Jimmy deftly straddles the transom and nets the biggest fish we've ever hooked on the boat. As he lifts the fish towards the rail, the line snap, but fish makes it onto the floor...a plump fall hen weighing in at 25 1/2 lbs. The pics, on an old school cam, are priceless...giddy looks of young men getting their first look at a set of lady lumps.
  12. This cold, cold, cold water isn't doing early to Mid May western basin action much good! C'mon weatherman! Fix this crap!
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