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  1. http://www.bayratlures.com/fat-rat.html
  2. Make it at least 8...9 - 10 better
  3. How long is your leader from diver to flasher?
  4. Tear 'em up Battle hammer! Let's see some fish please no!
  5. There are some tanks out there...caught an 18# Steelie off Olcott Memorial Day
  6. Finally found a pattern on Sunday afternoon...350 - 380 fow about 4 to 5 miles west of Olcott. Found a few pods of bait out in the "desert" and found some fish. Did 5 Kings in a few hours, mostly deep meat, one on Mag Screwface on 225 inside diver. Monday morning, the same water...Did 4 majors, 1 teenager, a small Steelie, a Coho, and this... It's not posting my pic???? 36.25" long, 19.75" girth.
  7. Yes, it was definitely tough out there. Can't say as I ever remember a spring where "hungry" Springers were so disinterested towards spoons and Spinny/fly rigs. Our only bites on tournament day were on 500 copper w/ meat rig and 110 rigger with meat
  8. Shallow divers can also be run effectively behind divers and most plugs work well with lead core and drop weights
  9. Just got back from trip to Virginia Tidewater area on business. Buzzards are as far north as Maryland / PA line. A few snows spotted in Delaware and numbers of Robins in SE PA...she's coming...
  10. The NBK & Watermelon have been best for me. DEFINITELY use oil pack tuna or Anchovies...have also soaked sponge in Pro Cure Alewife gel with success
  11. Goby, new glow brown trout ought to be great, Coho Crusher, Glow frog, My secret, glow watermelon, Firetiger, high school, Rave are all great choices, depending upon conditions
  12. I won't go spoon pumping for big eyes under the ice without em...
  13. JD...it isn't available on the website. They did it to honor the requests of their Lake Ontario fans...its a limited edition run. Go to their FB page for details.
  14. We fished out of Olcott from the week of Wilson through Memorial Day weekend and it was easy limit city with the only exception being WHI day (go figure). It was predominantly 2 yr olds with a number im first year recruiting class. Time will tell...
  15. Why do we think numbers are way down? The May Niagara flow fishing was awesome last may for two year olds and it seemed to dissipate for the rest of the season from there. I would tend to believe we ought to see a good class of 3 yr olds this year
  16. Wanting to try the Saltist on the junk (copper) rigs...Saltist 40 enough for 300 Cu and Saltist 50 enough for 400 Cu with 300 yards of braid backing?
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