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  1. Reel, I grew up fishing Lake Champlain most summers my first 30 years. To me, they are same in general (downriggers, spoon sets,coldwater species), but in Champlain there is a lot more topography in the main lake, including lots of islands and drop shoreline to work fishing lakers and salmon, and a lots less depth in general. I've fished the end of August, first weekend of September on Lake Ontario the last 8 years or so. The water on Lako O is a lot more wide open - not just literally, but in terms of depth and distance you may travel finding the bite. Plus, the biggest fish we've caught on Champlain, were between 5-10 pounds (walleyes, landlocks, lakers). My Dad's first time on Lake O, after 65 years of fishing Champlain, he caught 8 salmon in 3 days, all over 20 pounds. One of the first Kings I hooked on Ontario took me out over 900 feet on the reel counter. I LOVE fishing Lake Champlain, but Lake O is just a totally different level of anticipation and excitement. When that rod pops, and the drag starts screaming...knowing anytime it fires you could be looking at a shot at a 30# plus fish... L.J.
  2. Excellent - great job, and great news. Good luck tomorrow. L.J.
  3. Wow. Great day! If we could do even half that this weekend I'd be ecstatic. ... Sent from my SPH-L720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Fantastic info. Thank you very much. My Dad and I have been pretty fortunate on our trips on Lake Ontario, but afters years of story telling, I finally got my brother - in - law to come up with me this. I figured 5 days would certainly be enough to tie him I to at least one big fish, but with such a down year for Kings I've been a bit worried we might not get him at least one real screamer. Sounds like things are picking up enough to make that happen - at least once! L.J. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Thanks. My Dad ran out to 500+ out of Mexico, and it seems like WAY more distance and fuel and time than making that run out of Oswego. Thanks for the confirmation! L.J.
  6. Thanks! We're making our first trip of the year out of Oswego Saturday. How for north from the harbor is the 600 mark? We've wandered out to 400 once or twice, have usually fished 200 FOW or less. Also, is the Steelie bite as good out there as it is off Sodus and Oak? Still haven't seen one of those in our boat yet. Any help would be much appreciated! L.J.
  7. We're having the same problems you were, but haven't had a chance to adjust the transducer. Was yours aimed straight down, and now you have it aimed back and away from the boat (following the blow back), or vice versa? Just trying to figure out what to do when I get up to my Dad's boat this weekend. Any help would be appreciated. Can't wait for our 5 days on the water! L.J.
  8. Fish...not Fisk...fat fingers:) Sent from my SPH-L720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Beautiful Fisk - way to go! We fish the east end of the lake - Oswego to Henderson Harbor. Never caught a Steehead. If we ran out to 500 and set a similar program, would we have any luck? It seems like most Steelhead reports are middle lake and west... L.J. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. My Dad hooked up a 15# salmon a little while ago in Mexico, 155 down in 243 FOW. His first of the season. Not much to work with there, but a little something:) Sent from my SPH-L720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. My Dad called a little while ago to report his first salmon (15#) of the season, 155 down in 243 FOW, white SD with green and silver tape, green fly. Reading Los of fish in pockets from 80 to 200... Sent from my SPH-L720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. That was crazy - but seemed to work pretty well!
  13. On the other hand... ...if you stock it (and they have a decent survival rate)... ...we WILL come...
  14. Had the fortune to fish for Kings in Alaska in 2012 (my wife caught the biggest one!). I think most folks would agree that a salmon fishing trip to Alaska is likely a bucket list event for most folks here on the board. By comparison to the three rods per person, multi-hook luers, and slider added options we have available on Lake Onatrio, everyone on our Alaska charter was allowed a single rod in the boat, and a single hook on that line. When I told the charter captain about how many lines, lures and hooks we can use on Lake Onartio, he couldn't belive it...
  15. I loathe board battles, but did you actually read and comprehend anything in the original post? The position and theory are sound. Who knows - maybe he's correct, maybe not. But the post is fair, reasonable and logical. I’ve fished Lake Champlain for the majority of my life, and the lack of consistent attention to sea lampreys and inconsistencies proper stocking numbers have created a fishery that yoyo’s back in forth, and the down periods in game fishing there ties right back to poor, often politically driven or mandated fisheries management decisions. But all you've done is toss a little grenade into the post instead of intelligently joining the discussion. It seems that more than enough people on here, in enough different locations across the lake, have the same general observation that the king fishing is highly abnormal this season. It's not like Capt. Vince suddenly went out of a limb by himself out of the blue. I love Lakers and Browns, but the reason I fly in each year from NC (and talked my brother-in-law into joining me this year), spending several thousand dollars over much of the last decade is to chase Kings - a fish that's a rare encounter anywhere east of the West Coast & Alaska. It would make sense to make King stocking, and the success of that program a priority.
  16. That sounds like my Dad - he's pretty chatty pretty much all the time . Maybe these few days of poor weather will stir the pot and we end up with some fish finally showing up!
  17. Walleyes would be an excellent fall back plan (see my user name )if the Kings are still MIA in 2 weeks. Are you finding them in the Black, Salmon, or the St. Lawrence? We really haven't fished this area for walleyes. L.J
  18. So, the two man crew of the Bigfoot II set out into Mexico Bay again this morning. 175 FOW out to 550 FOW. Finally a release! 312 FOW, 70 feet down on a green & white dipsey running a spoon in a Diehard type pattern (Exact type unknown). A few minutes later... #5 Brownie! So...no King, but at least something finally made it into the boat. Only release of the day(5am-1:30pm)...They're staying off the next couple of days with the unsettled forecast. Out again the end of the week hopefully! L.J.
  19. Thanks Firechief - I'll pass the info along to my crew on the Bigfoot II !
  20. Hey All, I'm still in NC until 8/23 (even with the slow reports can't wait to get on the water for the first time this year!), but my Dad and his partner in crime Bob ran out to 225FOW in Mexico Bay today and set up, ran out to 450, back in - FF & Spoons program. 7 hours - NO srikes, no runs, no errors - one big bagel for the day. One other boat they talked to went 0-2 in the roughly the same area. They're going to give it another shot tomorrow ahead of the weather Tues/Wed. I've seen a lot of reports in other regions of the lake for good to great Steelhead action, but haven't noticed a much on them ot of Mexico - a lot more on Browns & Lakers. If they have another slow to dead day for Kings tomorrow, would it be worth running for Steelies there, say 40-70 feet down? L.J.
  21. That it is! My wufe may come up with me next yesr and we may get the better part of a week or so. When she & I & my Dad fished for Kings in Alaska ladt summer, my Dad caught a 12 inch King, I caught one around 15#, but my wife caught beautiful 25#er, so I'd love to see if her luck/skill will follow her to Lake O... Hopefully I'll find a few more folks on here to run into next year! L.J. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. I appreciate that - I was excited for sure, but I figured someone would say "Nice, but it's no 30+..." . BEAUTIFUL boat by the way! I love to have the whole rear deck open like that... L.J.
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