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  1. HEy Enzo, We've been up since last Friday. Our first two trips were out of Mexico, but we've been goi ng out of Oswego ever since. We've done real well in Oswego anywhere from 50 FOW to 180 FOW this week. That said, every time I talk to someone going out of Mexico, they're lightinh them up too - so I don't think you'll go wrong either way! Good luck.
  2. Well, It was a terrific day for fishing Sunday. It seems like everyone hammered them...except us. We ended up 1 for 1. Green echip, Hammer. It took over an hour to get the one fish cleaned when we got in there were so many fish to be cleaned. Monday AM - we've taken one so far, green SD and a green G-Fly. Hopefullyt we'll hit a few more! L.J.
  3. I'm writing this sitting in the harbor in Oswego watching water pour over the breakwater... Got in Friday and hit the water around 2:30pm. Set up in 80 FOW, working out to 120 FOW. Went 1 for 2. First fish hit, drag screaming. Played for about a minute, lost it. Brought the line in and all that was left was a part of the split ring that pulled apart on the swivel. Green e-chip/Hammer, 90 ft down. Next fish came down 65 in 110 FOW, White SD with Green spots, Hammer. 22#. Slowed up after that, went in around 7:30pm. Thought I was going to melt when the wind died down Saturday set up in same water, west of the launch toward 9 Mile. Late start put us on the water around 6:45am. Didn't have the 2nd road set when thr White SD w/ Green spots/Hammer rips free - 25#, 50 down in 100 FOW. Next up...same rig, 50 down - 12# coho. Last hit was our first dipsey set, out 180 at 2.5. Green/White (no spots) SD, Hammer ( I sense a pattern). Fish hit starbord, crossed to port right away, got tangled in one of the other sets and that was the end of the fish. Stopped cold after that for us. We saw a number of boats taking fish, including a number of doubles or rapid hits. We were A LITLE optimistic this morning, and it doesn't look good as far as wind today. Hopefully it'll lay down some after sun up. Good luck to all. I'll be posting all week (hopefully)!
  4. Firediver32, We're trying them for the first time this year, so you'll have to check through the forums for more details, but running a couple of dipsey divers will help you get down and out. The later you get out the next few weeks, the shallower the fish will get. Last year we were trolling flat lines off our riggers in 10-12 FOW and catching the staging fish as they entered the salmon River. Good luck! We'll be fishing out of the Bigfoot II this Friday - Sept 2nd. Out of Mexico/Oswego. If you want, give us shout, we'll be on Channel 68/69. L.J.
  5. Hey Fireplug, We attach our flashers to a swivel on the line, then attach the fly or spoon to the flasher with a leader. It allows us to change lures/flies quickly. I wouldn't use les than #30 for leaders, #50 if possible. When one of those freight trains hits, it helps keep the tackle attached. As for your main line, you'll be living dangerously with anything less than at least #20, preferably #30 or your going to lose a lot of $ is you get into fish. Keep the drags lose, loose, loose!!! So far we've only run flasher/fly and spoon programs - no bait rigs for us yet. We're just adding copper and dipsey's this year (starting Friday), so I can't speak to that yet. We've done pretty well so far in limited changes on LO, but hopefully it'll help you get headed in the right direction. Good luck! We'll be fishing out of Oswego/Mexico Bay for 10 days starting Friday in the Bigfoot II. Give us a shout if you get a chance. L.J.
  6. It sounds the fishing has really turned on again this week! I wanted to see who will be on the water in the Oswego/Mexico area from Aug. 25th - Sept 2nd who might want to chat/share info. My Dad and I will be on the water every chance we get during that time, but it's hard breaking into the radio chatter without knowing anyone. Give the Bigfoot II a shout if you see us. We'll be on Channel 68/69 a lot, but if anyone has a particular channel they favor, let us know. We're more than willing to share info, as long as we have people to share it with ! Good luck to everyone - whether or not your in the LOC, it sounds like a great couple of weeks to be fishing are coming up!
  7. Hey Chugbug, Last year was my first on LO, but flasher/dodger & fly combos are definitely a hot weapon. We're running dipseys and copper for the first time this year as well, but I can tell you what's already worked for us. 30# on the main line, 50# for your leaders if possible. We used mono last year, but were going to braid this year. There's a lot of advice from the more experienced anglers in older posts here on the board. The fish we took last year ran about 50/50 flasher & fly combos versus spoonos (NK 28 + MAGS). The year before my Dad took all his fish on flasher/flies. It all depends on the day and how your set up which will work best. Good luck - we hit the water next Sat - I can't wait!
  8. The Bigfoot II (see below) will be hitting the water from the 25th - 3rd (earlier if my Dad - aka "Bigfoot" has a chance), and we'll be fishing the LOC as well. We'll be running out of Mexico & Oswego, depending on weather, reports, and how were doing wherever we are. Just call out for WalleyeLJ or Bigfoot II. We'll be checking different channels but will spend a lot of time on 68/69 from the sounds of it , and we'll be glad to share whatever info we've got. I'm also planning on having a Sprint wireless card in my laptop so I can upload reports right from the lake if all goes well. Good luck to all and give us a shout if you see us!
  9. Hi Dale, You've been going to the big lake a lot longer than I, but I figured I offer what I can. The Pro-Troll E-chip flashers are worth it. A lot of people like Spin Doctors, but in my limited time on the water, we did better with the PT. We used pretty much only A-Tom-Mik flies behind the PTs, almost always white/white/ green/green, or white and green. We took about half on boards & flies, and half on sppons. Most of the spoons they hit were Northern King (NK) 28 or MAG sized spoons, with Orange Monkey Puke being the most popular. That said, that was last year:) I won't be up on the Lake until the 25th, but there is plenty of good info on the board, especially what's hot right now. Last year we fished exclusively off our four downriggers. This year we are adding both dipsys and a copper rod for the first time. From reading all the posts, running wire dipseys is the thing to do. Some folks will tell you that on a given day, it's the only thing that'll get hit. Hopefully this will be of some help. Good luck, and may your drags be screaming!
  10. Sweet video, especially under the circumstances. Very Blair Witch:) - Great job! I hope we're that lucky in two weeks.
  11. Nice fish! It's awesome watching people catch their first decent fish, especially their first King! My first King last year was about 1/18th that size:...but the 2nd was about the same and it was such a rush! Nice job!
  12. Ray, After such a kind birthday wish from me, I didn't think you'd tear apart my moniker like that. Be nice to me or I'll sic my Ninja Monkeys on you...
  13. I haven't caught any Lakers in Lake Ontario yet. But on Lake Champalin they're the top fish size wise. If you fidh for them with 8-12# test, and light-med action 6-6.5 ft rods, you can have a good time. Not a King Screamin' good time , but a good time nonetheless!
  14. Hey Yankee, Do you have any pics of the squid/j-plug combo :?: I'm trying to visualize your description and I'm failing terribly! :roll:
  15. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the cabin fever:)
  16. Jekyll, You're killing me!!! Absolutely priceless
  17. GB, I hate to hear we'll miss each other. We don't know anyone in the area to talk to on the radio either:) Maybe next year. I'll be posting during the trip - hopefully I'll have good news! L.J.
  18. GB, I'm sure you will have a great season out there. What port do you usually fish out of? I'm going to be joining my Dad to fish out of Mexico & Oswego Aug 24th-Sept 3rd. If you have a VHF, give the "Bigfoot II" or WalleyeLJ a call and we can share info if your up. I'm planning on having a wireless card with my laptop so that I can post reports straight from the water. Good luck, and may the Kings be with YOu... L.J.
  19. Hey Gotta Bite, Last year was my first chasing Kings, so you'll get a lot more seasoned advice than my experience will allow. That said, I'll tell you what our experience has been so far. Most of the boards we used were Pro Troll e-chips mostly in white and green with the tapes colors you have, with A-Tom-Mik tourney flies, usually in colors/patterns that matched the board. That said, sometimes we mixed it up and put green flies on white boards and vice versa. The result was we took fish in all three configurations. We tried some purple, blue and orange colored flies with no real success to speak of. In spoons, the Orange Monkey Puke NK 28 was our hottest spoon. I've heard some people run spoons with boards, which we tried too, but all the fish we took on spoons came on straight sets of the down riggers without the boards. Hope that helps a little . I can't wait until we can hit the water again Aug 25th - Good luck!!! L.J.
  20. To sort of piggy back on Baccala's question, do you have any suggestions for those of us who don't have a down speed/temp, are there any old school ideas to figure it out without duct taping a thermometer to the ball? L.J.
  21. Hey All, While last year was my first for Kings and Lake Ontario, I did buy and use a number of those Apex looking lures from Pro-Troll last year with the e-chip built in. Looked great in the water! - didn't get a hit But then again, our week was really spotty last year. Most of the fish we did catch were off PT/fly combos. If you believe in the e-chip, it's bound to be effective - at the right time. - which wasn't when I decided to wash them apprently Just my thoughts. Less than three weeks until we hit the water! Good luck to all! L.J.
  22. Hey Yankee, Don't get me wrong - the whole reason for my trip up from NC next month is to catch the Kings you all leave behind for us rookies. But since he mentioned the Lakers, I figured I'd share my experiences - since I'm just beginning to learn about Kings:) With as little time as I get on the water each year, I'll be happy if I get a perch! jk - I've got to top my #26 from my rookie season:) L.J.
  23. Hey Gambler, Should you not follow Yankee's advice to just work the Kings, my Dad and I have had great success with them working Lakers on Lake Champlain. I'd say the out work lures/sppons without them 3:1. Whatever you choose to fish for, I'm jealous as I won't be up until Aug 25th! Good luck! L.J.
  24. Hey Guys, Thanks for the feedback. Last year was my first on the Big O, so I appreciate the advice. 5 weeks and counting! L.J.
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