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  1. I would hope that the old rules will be in effect. Troy Brown Trout is what keeps Sodus alive. We should look at what made them a success. Also there is alot of Strategy on weather to go for Trout or Salmon. What would you do if the Salmon dry up? Have 12 fish limits and boats come in with 2 or 3 fish? We have seen this before in 5 fish tournaments.
  2. Tom I like what both you and Vinnie had to say. I do think the prize money can be the same if you get more boats in at a lower cost. I sell a lot of the pro/am's. It is easier to sell the smaller $ ones than the Big dollar ones. People have interest in the Big dollar events but when you tell the the cost they can't do it. Then top that off with oh by the way this could be a one day event or worst 2 hours? I have 2 events sold right now if things don't change with the dates. But it seems like every year it is open in the air as far as rules or are we going to have one. I remember a one day Big boy's event and no one wanted to go. I like the old blow off day and Big fish Friday can always be added to the real event. Like the LOC. People take their fish to both have another board there way in for everyone in their 3 big fish first they did something like that this year didn't take longer? As far as for the food maybe that should be after day one so everyone isn't in a rush to get back. Remember the other events are 1day. Just a tought
  3. I will be running Walleye trips with my new ride Chris look me up .And Jim you know you are always welcome buddy
  4. Thanks guys can't believe the year is almost over what a year for fishing..
  5. Thanks guys I have to agree with Tommy I loooooooooooooove it. Done trips the last 2 weekends off it damn what was I waiting for.
  6. Just wanted to let my fishing buddies know about my new ride
  7. Great Job Prime Time Pete wow 21lb plus steelhead great job
  8. Go to my web site and give me a call I have fished this since I was a kid and can tell you where to start looking. My Dad and Mom still live on the point.
  9. Thunderstuck Great job this weekend ,Primetime Pete and Kingfisher also. Great day way to move up the LOC board.
  10. Jerry sorry to hear about your loss. My Toughts and prayers are with you.
  11. Has anyone had any success with the ProFin 6 Spinning Flashers from pro troll?
  12. You really want to level the playing field? How about a one lure one Rod tournament...run all over Hell come back a week later winner take all Are we ever going to stop ****ing! We all love to fish in these events or we wouldn't do them. I have talked to alot of people that do not fish these any more and the biggest reason everyone is sick of the crap that goes on. Maybe the county should have there rep and all others should be elected. The biggest problem the tournment has is NOT enfourcing the rules it has. This has been a problem over the years. But it's really time to band together before we lose county support and lose the tournaments all together. So lets get something done this off season invite anyone that has fished these in the last 3 years get everything hashed out in live with it. It's not like we are going to be Millionaires if we win.
  13. What kind of boat did it come off ,what size motor
  14. Chaumont, Guffins, or 3 mile bay is the place to be You can fish them during the day alot like you would Brown Trout. Use long plugs can be alot of action on some days you can pm me if you go there and I'll let you in on more I'll be there the 1st 3 weeks of May.
  15. Harold Try alot orange and red for the coho's the sodus pt buckeye will work for you.
  16. Harold You guys aren't allowed to use copper north of the pond... No fish will make it down to us. Check your voice mail sometime you might see a message from me.
  17. Thanks Vince you guys did to. It will be here before we know it. Hows everything looking for this year?
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