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  1. I was doing Charters there the last 3 weeks as you come out of the park you turn right and start fishing the 20 -40 foot of water upthe point. There were alot of Walleyes and a few Big Browns.
  2. Chris I've fished the area most of my life contact me at the pro/am's or when you are ready to go.
  3. There are 32 of them with a Fish catcher case. Asking $160
  4. Have you bought your cannon downriggers yet? I have 2 for sell 2 foot beams cannon classic same as mag 10 $400 for pair.
  5. you need to take your drug test at their approved site they won't take it from your family doctor
  6. Dan dell has some great deals and I deal with them all the time with work
  7. I have 2 sets of volvo duel props one like brand new one needs repair. $500 dollars for both sets or best offer. If you have this you know thats the price for one.Will split up.
  8. I've fished the pro/ams for many years. If they drop the cup I won't fish in all the events any more. As far as the observer why do we have them? There has been boats that have been turned in for stuff before and nothing was done. I had an observer on my boat he sleep for 2 days and just come out to fill out the paper work and go right back to bed this year. The reason that I have heard most teams not getting in to the tournments are rules weren't enforced, am's want the 9 fish limit and most people want no communication. This tournment has lost some integrity over the years and that is a hard thing to get back. I know alot of people that won't fish them because they feel its who you are when it comes to breaking the rules.You are fishing against networks not teams. I use it because you might as well everyone else is. My team has talked about not fishing the pro/am's and doing just the Scotty's. I know if there is no cup that will be their vote.
  9. They did a great job as always. Way to go guys and gals
  10. I fished the Pro/Am's for over 20 years as an am. I went Pro this year because I didn't like the rules. You are correct that they don't ask the am's about rule changes. The 6 fish limit doesn't let you seperate your self from the pack. For an example everyone was boxing in orleans Fishchopper brought in 3 Fish on day 1 day 2 he boxs and ends up 6th. There is a problem. And I don't know about yous but I'll be damn if I'll drive around the lake with the gas prices looking for a Lake Trout
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