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  1. Great job Tom! Especially with the tough decisions you had to make. Our team was glad you made the choice you did! Tough but it was fishable. Again congrats to Thrillseeker and the other top placing teams!! Looking forward to next year.
  2. Forschner cimitar : buy the sheath to go with it. Best knife for salmon I have used.
  3. Familiar Bite has a very good cut bait. They also make a fly specifily to use as a sushi fly (has a pair of small wires to hold bait). they sell small strips for the sushi flies.
  4. GLT is putting out a quality product! The price is inline with how much gas etc. has gone up since the original rhye davis cut bait left the market.The junk that was avalible the last few years was to expensive at any price! It fell apart! was almost unusable.
  5. I also think that big fish Friday should be kept to 1 fish!
  6. I agree with Matt and Tom.Our team has never been an advocate of open communication! Would like the pro-ams to go to closed communication! It adds to the overall experience not knowing how anyone else is doing till the days done! Bob
  7. Have triples in track. they are great Easily adjustable and solid.
  8. Is there a cut off date to register? Or can you register at captains meeting?
  9. Hello, am available for Oswego Pro-Am for observer.
  10. What is the cut off date for registering?
  11. Sposoring a team, many teams, and or a tournament is for advertising and promoting a product! To want your $ and products and not letting you get as much advertising as possible is very wrong!
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