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  1. Here is a few more. Like father, like son!! Catching Snails while trolling!
  2. Hey Rod, Did you noitce he was shure handed when it came to holding on to the beer!
  3. Ray keeps his cutting under water, I just know how he gets it out when he needs it. Still waiting to see him do that. Right Ray?
  4. Sorry for your loss Bob… Hang in there.
  5. Yea Rod I know! Just took everything out of the truck, but left the trolling stuff out by the door. Also let out the Gulp. Tell Justin be ready!
  6. Guys...I found a little trick you may want to use to quiet Ray down a little. Put dry ice in the beer cooler, his lips freeze to the beer can His lips froze shut and the good news is you can get quite by 10 am Thanks for the trip guys, it was fun!!! Thinking of pulling the boat back out of the yard if a nice day shows up on a weekend. BTW Tom, Bob and Jason I don't know how you guys do it. You are better men then me
  7. Thanks for the credit Ray!!! I told you that stuff (Gulp) would work and you need more then 3 split shots to hold bottom in the big pond.
  8. Just a update Put the boat in the water today. Wind 16 mph gust to 30 Could not get out for a little fishing. Rod and Ray are going to try in the am if the wind lays down. I will heading back after work on Thursday Pictures will be ok, but I think we are going to need video with this crew! Called Ray around 6:30 AM He was at the ramp waiting for us, wanted to see if wanted coffee and he could not believe that Dunkin Doughnuts in NJ doesn’t have Coors light. Will post a report Sunday
  9. Nice job I think your windshield defroster is broken!!
  10. Here is my outlook on the winter storage thing for what it’s worth. Keep in mind when the manual gives you safe operating temperatures it means, operating. This stuff is shipped all over the world and not kept in cooled or heated trailers or shipping containers. So if it is not in use should not matter. With that said I prefer to take it off and put it in the house if can be removed with a few plugs and screws. If it’s more work to remove it, I will cover it to make sure water can’t get in a freeze to break it. Same thing for the batteries, they sit in you car all winter so why not in the boat. I leave them in the boat, hook a charger to them and plug them once a month for a day and seems to make them last just as long.
  11. Bet that hurts today! You should have told me you were going to Lk Hopatcong, live about 10 min from the lake and owned a tackle shop on it years back. Good luck
  12. Sounds like the problem is when your have a load on it. Most times that is fuel or air. You need to check them first hope this helps
  13. I have 8 rods I am bringing. 5 for bait and three for casting. Too Many??? Let me know. What nude beach? LOL
  14. Bring the camera, you never know Might still have a few people on the nude beach.
  15. Hey guys, Just thought of something. Bring a lighter rod, something for jigging with 8 - 12 lb test line. I hear Weakfish are around. Allot of fun and good eating.
  16. Rod, Did you get some of the numbers off the other site? I know I don't have them in my hand held. Here is some we may need: Romer Shoal N40 30.78 W74 00.71 Sandy Hook Reef N40 21.92 W73 56.29 Ambrose Channel Spot N40 30.78 W73 58.26 Chappel Hill Spot N40 31.15 W74 02.65 Flynns Knoll Spot N4029.0 W74 01.8 Good ONE!!! Old Orchard N40 31.03 W74 07.57 Raritan East Reach N40 28.945 W73 56.63 TC Buoy N40 28.34 W74 02.31 Does your C map show the NY - NJ line? Some of the spots are NY and you can't cross the line with NJ fish in the boat. Not a problem with the Striper size, but can't have 3 per man. I be down sometime Thursday and staying that night also.
  17. Ray, You are such a nice guy to give your blues to Rod. You can offer him mine also to sweeten the deal. Smoke them!! Put them on a board and in the smoker. take it out, throw the fish away and eat the board. Some people do like them.
  18. I called them last night and was told no slips and you don’t need reservations, plenty of rooms. I going to reserve a room anyway just incase. I will be getting a room for Fri and Sat. Who knows if I will need it as far as how much time on the water we spend. Hey, we may fish only till 1 or 2 am and back on the water by 5, or fish all night. The only thing I know is I am not as young as I used to be and will have to close my eyes sometimes between 8 pm Fri and noon on Sun. LOL Here are the directions to the parking lot for the boat. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&saddr=C ... F8&t=h&z=8 I think Rod will be fishing Thursday night. My plan is to drive down Thursday after work, fish, and drive home and be back down sometime Friday. If anyone needs any info let me know. Rick
  19. Chad, Are you going to give us the real numbers in a few days? LOL
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