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  1. Point taken bada bing, but I assure you it released fine. I have a fishery background.....and no way to hold a fish is good...hand under the gill plate,...deadly.....hands on removing slim coat, deadly.....6 of 9 hook points in the mouth, deadly......I can keep going. ....ultimately it is stress and lactic acidosis that takes a big fish. Water was cold, fish caught shallow, a allowed it to revive in live well for over an hour with a great aeration. Fish remained upright, active, and quite lively, as for internal bleeding.....that's all your call....did my best with facts of good fish mangement and experience to back it up........good luck to you this season, and I will remember to do better holding fish.
  2. Big laker today Fishing wasn't great today but put a big laker in the boat, took the planer board under. Put my neighbor on the rod and the battle was on......took alot of great runs, came to the net at 34 inches and bouncing just over 17lbs on the bogo. Biggest laker I've put in my boat on this lake. We released her to fight again...state released fish with left pectoral fin clip......good day on water. Was truly a day maker!
  3. Alex, you sure it wasn't my spoon!!!!! After all, we do think alike......but seriously.... I broke on 2 good bows in that area the last 2 weeks, all that jumping and running. they have been swallowing them, and the teeth have been crushing my lines, been re-tying after each encounter. Great story, as I said to ya this week end.......Dialed in.
  4. Very nice Rusty, Glad you got the bugs out. It looks like you've found the "Column" of water Alex , I, and a few others have been playing in. Keep at it, all kinds of suprises like fall Eyes in it as you have caught. Find what works and stick to it. and oh yeah......find the bait first and the catching is much easier. This time of year it isn't hard to find it where your fishing. Dont be afraid to do circles around those areas where you catch little bows.......the big ones are with em.....and the speed changes on your turns can sometimes trigger them to bite. Get that camera going so we can see some pics!
  5. nice outing Alex, Came up your way after my inspection, by then the south wind brought the weeds, I managed another smaller bow and a couple lakers.....and a whole lot of salad.......knew i was in them small bows....had three hard releases on the high rods with nobody home......swatting and missing the stackers. went back south to find even more weeds.....gave up...only lakers in the box with that one nice one.
  6. they're running high as ususal, 3 colors, 40 ft rigger has been good. Eye action was good at night when bait was in, wasn't great but good, havent been in the area where i usually day catch them. Silvers are with everything else is on the bait, got to find it and youll be in fish. the fleas are better in some places than others. today was a laker/bass and small bow day.....found no keeper bows but many small ones. Bass would clear the water and get you excited for a minute. yesterdays wind mixed it up in my area, even the lakers were high up.
  7. Short trip this morning still yielding some nice bow action. All rods, wire, core and riggers firing. In all 6 bows, 2 small browns, couple bass, and a couple lakers. Weeds not bad, fleas a little worse, but mangeable.
  8. nice job,....they love the blueberry muffin!!!!!!!!
  9. way to go bud, keep hammering them, still playing with trout over top of the hill, well get together soon man.
  10. Had a good morning on the lake with my boys and their buddy. Found some bait and set up into the rainbows again. riggers and core were firing, had a good triple of keeper silvers at one point, jumping over each other, had the boys laughing......but only got one to the boat out of that group. had a tangled mess as you can imagine. rest of the morning filled with lakers, small bows, bass and a nicer eater brown. weather was great, rain not too bad, fleas were manageable and weeds were a little more spread out. good day for silvers.
  11. nice table of eyes man, that pic today got me thinkin bout that otisco gold again!!!!!!!!
  12. What a great fish, and a great effort with success on your release. hats off to you
  13. Trip started lastnight for a few hours with my boys till moon came up and shut it down. 1 for 2 on eyes, and a couple small mouth. Got up at 9 this morning and decided to give it a try trolling, found a great batch of silver and a nice eye to boot. All total for a 4 hour trip with heavy rec boat traffic......5 for 6 on bows, 1 small brown, 2 lakers and a dandy eye. And Justin, the picture below is for you......I have an eye with silver in this one . Great day out there!
  14. that looks like a happy young man! A memory that he'll never forget, nice work.
  15. ya hit um good man, I was on the wrong lake. way to go!
  16. Started late this morning. winds not as bad as they forcasted. Set up and had a steady pick of lakers. this past weeks winds put some cool water on the surface. warmest temp south was 62.5 and as I trolled north hit a couple of pockets of 61 degree surface water. Found a couple bows today, one good one that I took a pic with and then released, again......one week too early:) You know the water is chilled when the trout stay alive in the live wells in June! Was solo and wanted a pic with her, so I gave the bow a short ride to the photographer. ended a 4 hour trip with 6 lakers and 2 rainbows. good day on the water.
  17. pretty sure it was fatty tumors, i didnt keep it. i let it go, looked healthy, the only other thing i have seen back from my fisheries days in school were egg tubes on females that would produce eggs that wouldn't release at spawn, and the absorbtion rate back into their body couldnt keep up with eggs being produced. Saw it in a rainbow once that looked like it was going to explode, when we cut it open to examine it, there was a huge mass of eggs in it. regardless of what my theory is here, it was strange. the fish had great color and hit hard, acted like a healthy fish other than that.
  18. Took out my neighbor, set up on a good Laker bite. His early rising was rewarded by a good fish over 12. Told him he caught that 2 weeks to early!!!! We also got a freaky Laker in the mix, lot of weight in fatty tumors, looked like it swallowed a downriver ball. All in all good morning as long as you were out of the cottonwood debris.
  19. Hey all, this might be repetitive, but using app, and not seeing this update. Anyway, sure I know the answer, but I lost a clear box of smithwicks at Wright's the morning of the 26th. Stopped by cleaning station to prep boat for home and think I left a box on bow while I adjusted the boat. Can't miss it, clear box filled, with black Sharpe on side saying smithwicks. Willing to pay reward for my stupid over tired mistake. Can call me, Kevin, at 607~743~5750, or PM me. If not, someone got a heck of a present. Us night guys aren't always of clear mind when the sun comes up I Apologise if this is a repeat. Thanks.
  20. Alewife oil!!!!! got to freeze um and squeeze um, like to soak a few sticks in it before I troll, its what they feed on in the fingers and Ontario. when i cast and get them, i like a stick bait with teeth marks or texture so it holds the scent a little longer, rub that alewife all over the stick.......it works......got to match it.
  21. Awesome day, awesome Pics, great time spent with your father........and a couple a cold yingys to boot. That report made my day man!
  22. Always great to see them, sent ya a PM. That looks like a happy buddy holding that baby. Trout are cool yes......but how can anyone not love a fish like that?........see everybody.....they can be caught during the day!! Long live Owasco Walleye. I hope someone gets one over 14 this year so they can get the recognition they deserve in that lake. take care man, sent ya my # in the PM, its been great lately!
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