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  1. No Justin, I haven’t, water temp inside went to 77, bait wasn’t showing up good, dissolved oxygen terrible, even bullhead dying in tight. I missed the window, now if you fish, you might get 15 minute increments of explosions and their going back out deep to catch their breath, tough when it’s like that. just stuck to silver fishing the last 2 days. Lost some great bows cause I had 5 yards of solid fleas to get off the lines, nothing like getting line burn on your hand trying to take off fleas with a big bow on that decides to take a few runs on ya, that’s where the copper saved me.
  2. Great couple days fishing, even with high rec boat traffic, silvers jumping giving all a show. Fleas bad, constant maintenance but the high column holding plenty of bows, and water browns.....usual copper and cores working great with 200 copper firing consistent. Riggers 35 and up with sliders taking hits too. Go get ya some.
  3. Apologies big foot, your a good fisherman and a great contributor to this site. I responded out of emotion to an earlier post before yours. We are all good fisherman here, it’s just when it comes to the walleye/trout argument it hits home for me as I have skin in the game at owasco as a land owner. I bought my place based on the benefit of both my love for a thriving walleye population and a great trout fishery.........things change, it was the scapegoating of walleye that I didn’t like, especially having a fisheries background and understanding of what factors were contributing. Regardless, I spoke out of emotion and I apologize. You should be proud of your accomplishments as I was impressed to see how involved you’ve been. I know you said you don’t get out much anymore, but you are always welcome on my boat. Tight lines.
  4. Thanks for the update bro, your the only one who give a good and accurate post on conditions for otisco.........and your a guide..........much appreciated brother. Fish on!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah bigfoot, that's why fish In the tournament this year were 5 and 6 pounders, other than the winner at 7 lbs........5 and 6 pounds aren't 14 yrs old to me........... Be glad keuka doesn't have walleye or you'd all blame them for your lack of browns and rainbows..........novices!
  6. Night shift is a tough shift but I’m sure that’s all you’ve been thinking about since you’ve gotten rested up , the tug is the drug.......and it is what fuels us night walleye guys.......especially over bait........I tell the guys that go out with me, I know your tired but trust me you’ll thank me for keeping you out cause it’s all you’ll think about for the next week is getting back on that bite..........and they all admit later after our trip that I’m right.......way to go boyz.
  7. X2 on snakecreek, Alan is a good man.
  8. Yes, post spawn fish there are not as hard as you think......stay shallow....had some warm temps south....bait and birds on top, worked the water hard, turned and burned through it multiple times, floaters only, tight to shore....(7 ft) but it worked.....wind blew out temp could only find gators Sunday morning but still fun.
  9. Got to camp this afternoon and got my son and a buddy into a few.....going back out at dark.....found some bait and kept running through for a good pick. Shallow floaters the key, alewife patterns triggered these owasco bites.
  10. Mud locks, at night, they are there.....better when bait comes in.
  11. Tough for a lot of us brother, but you put a couple in the boat and that us the key! It will only get better as the temp comes up.......they're gonna start opening their mouth a bit. Still saw a ton of them spawning........and its first week in may.....I expected to see a couple....but man the spawning areas are still full of them.
  12. Great fish, great friends! Love that nice Atlantic Billy D......keep it up!
  13. BillyD making it happen brother! You boys behave in my absence, ya hear!
  14. Bob, walleye didn’t decimate owasco......clearly you are not observing all the invasive changes that has happened since the big brown and rainbow hay days in the 80’s and 90’s.....let’s see.....zebra, quagga mussels, Asian clams, spiny water flea.........clearer water......OVER STOCKING of lake trout, understocking of rainbow and brown...or predation rich stocking points such as the inlet end full of post spawn pike, or ensenor point witch holds one of the largest concentrations of predatory lake trout in the entire lake, alewife predation/competition. Your opinion and rant is yours, and I respect it, but it sounds like you got it right from one of those state of the lake meetings. I have sampled stomachs of over 200 walleye in the last 7 years and never found a stocked trout in the stomach, only alewife,perch and smelt.......do walleyes compete for alewife......yes.........but so do smallmouth, pike and perch which I catch suspended over deep water when I troll. I know plenty of guys that catch browns and bows every trip......they don’t tell many......99% get them by fishing live alewife.........plenty of browns and bows in there.......not decimated by any means, and what damage that has been done is owned more by the lake trout over abundance then the walleye.......hence a 5 fish laker limit increase from 3. And thanks Bsmaster for pointing out walleyes being native to many fingers and not invasive. I hope they and all species thrive in skaneateles.
  15. I fish from late October through the close of the season in open water, definitely like the flow of the rivers to be clear but not too low......I only fish these systems at night. Earlier bites in the fall....meaning right at dark till around 9 then it picks back up around mid-night. As the winter progresses the bite for me got later and later due to longer days and time change. Fish deeper pools adjacent to shallow rifts or bars. Stick baits like rapala husky jerks or x-raps do it for me.....slow retrieving with a pause is how I do it with most hits coming on the pause. Best months for me this year was October-December..........Jan-March good but dealing with chilled water that would ice up and skim over fast ending your night when the bite was beginning......even in light current, skim ice developed on the water surface. I run straight floro due to the freeze on braid. If you fish these spots with success during the day.......go back at night, be patient......and you might get a chance to really see the big fish that lay in these pools. Good luck.
  16. Great job boys!!! Tell scotty to sharpen his hooks! I was chasing perch this weekend or would've joined ya, faught the shelf ice last week but managed some good ones too......big girls starting to stage along with the female pike who are robbing me......time ticking down, will get rest soon
  17. Hasn't been on fire this year with rivers up and down, a grind no doubt.....night game is tough when working the next day....justin and I have burned the midnight oil, and he'll attest.....I dont sleep when they're biting. Far more fish less nights than with.....but it's about being out......trust me, I'll be dealing with the drive in the spring with trips up to OZ and back. Land the boat in wrights at 4am, on the road and home by 7:30, couple nights a week.......the bite is an addiction....and those that share the passion for the night bite know. Thanks for the kind words all.
  18. Prof T, my dad is 78 and joins me most nights, I always tell him even when we dont get alot of bites, dont be mad, be happy your here with me playing a young man's game.......I said this to him last year at another spot, he wasn't getting any bites and I was getting a few...all the sudden, he gets hit.....the only hit for him that night.....he was blessed with a 32 over 12pounds....proud moment for me. So get out if ya can.
  19. You know right where too brother...... it’s been dead there, last time I was there, I saw Scotty, and we were getting a few. Dark colors were producing in that light. Hope all is well.
  20. Got out to one of my spots last night to try, moon bright, was concerned because this year the bright moon hadn't helped me in this spot. Night started slow, but as the moon rose, I decided to change colors to darker patterns. Was like a light switch, and an aggressive bite began which was the first I've had in the spot since Jan 23rd. All i can say, is play with colors on those bright moon nights, the darker the better for me. Ended with a pb over 11lb. And at 12 degrees out fishing open water, it was an awesome reward.
  21. Very nice, came out of the house in the evening with that wind and thought exactly what you were.......difference is......you made it happen......nice job..........work crazy for next 2 weeks, but I’ll be there, and I’ll touch base when I’m coming up,......till then, keep feeding them the big stuff.
  22. My probe is not with me most times, as said above, rigger angles, and I always have a wire out, the bend of that wire rod with a dipsey is always a key indicator. When you find good hooks and bait, don’t be afraid to make a turn or circle......if a rod fires, pay attention to what side on the turn.....slow or fast side.....adjust from there. Good luck.
  23. So the water is mixed fleas are difficult, but found the zone this evening with help from one of my son's. Took a quick troll earlier in the day and copper was king, lead cores took small ones, but the riggers were frustrating to say the least, first not many fleas, then next minute loaded....decided to hang them up and run wire, copper and core through my son's suggestion. Temp still good 50-60 down..... told him no expectations, afternoon started slow, wind started to die down and fish picked up, some good silvers on copper and core, he showed the old man how to bring them to the net! Proud moment for me.
  24. Nothing wrong with keeping that beauty, they exert soon much energy leaping, it can sometimes be to their demise due to the warm surface temp, on owasco, I am in the 70 degree range all the way down to 40 ft. Those big bows come out of the temp, fight hard and don't always make it back down.......your fishing hard, don't feel bad about keeping a wonderful fish like that. Congrats!!!!
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