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  1. Always great to see them, sent ya a PM. That looks like a happy buddy holding that baby. Trout are cool yes......but how can anyone not love a fish like that?........see everybody.....they can be caught during the day!! Long live Owasco Walleye. I hope someone gets one over 14 this year so they can get the recognition they deserve in that lake. take care man, sent ya my # in the PM, its been great lately!
  2. see alex, even the trout guys start to love those awesome beasts, now you know why i love em! Good luck
  3. luv that dirty white boy!!!!!!! Nice report.
  4. Yeah, those weeds were a nightmare up there last week, finally got into water were they weren't and got a bunch of lakers that covered the column from top to bottom. Don't give up on the 40 ft or the cores, they'll give you nice suprises when they fire! Problem is you probably had a bunch of lookers that saw instant weeds on the rigger ball or spoons. Dont give up on her.
  5. what a memory! love the pic with the 2 holding those bows like a big piece of wood, that is what its all about!
  6. Way to go man, its all about that memory you create and im sure matt and his daughter will never forget that!
  7. fished saturday, lakers all over the column, best bait was up north. riggers at 70-80, wires 240 at a #3 white spinny and fly, 5 color cores even taking lakers. small stinger spoons took better hits. purple, chrome and blue ones did best. fished over 90-150ft with sets 35-80 foot down, all took fish, but all were lakers. good luck.
  8. Alex, I told you how to trim those fillets this weekend. i bet you'll think otherwise after you cook them. Congrats agian on your catch. Zyoung- Otsego was in major trouble before the walleye program started, thats one of the reasons why they initiated it so people would have something to fish for as anglers were complaining about the lack of salmon and browns......... with that lake even pre- walleye, its been a forage issue, even the lakers for the most part are starved hammer handles. Owasco still has nice browns and Bows, every tournament, people catch nice ones.in fact that 9+ pound bow was awesome! the way you catch has changed, leadcore and copper are now key. the water is much clearer than the days of the high brown catch rates. not saying that they are in high numbers. Alewife are key predators as much as they are prey, they desimate many yoy fish as the Tunison study prooved. As for the walleye, love em......and almost every one that gets caught gets kept....even by trout guys, cant say that for lakers!~ The state, with their comments years ago started this battle between bow/brown and walleye. All I ask is do your research before you form your opinion, there are a few studies and thesis papers out their that provide great information....until then, I'll be that night guy nobody wants to be having a blast catching walleye. Kevin
  9. well i have fished that creek for the last 25 years with written permission until this year. If i was the park owner, i would've done the same thing as we all would, buy it up and shut it down like he did. He was smart, paid alot of money to buy the gateway in and shut it down. Had alot of great memories there, wish I could share it with my sons, but as a land owner I know about taxes and liability insurance. As for the run there, no shortage of Bows, last 4 years were unbelievable! All you guys so hooked on the C&R thing should go to Pine Valley now, bet you would really get bent at that carnage! At least I figured out your perch without help.
  10. Well on a positive note, I didnt see or hear about this on the internet. I got in my car and drove 2 hrs and figured it out, why.....because the words Perch and Seneca make people silent when asked, especially you locals. I'll admit I walked on that ice and questioned my sanity when excusing myself between fisherman as I walked out, but you know what...., I got em, and I loved it. and myself and my 74 year old father spent 5 wonderful days on that ice laughing, cursing, and enjoying the memories we created. Till the end we sat on that small section of ice watching more than we caught while boats and pier fisherman didn't have much luck. I could have never had this oportunity by asking anyone here "hows the fishing there". in fact i watched guys blatently lie to other fisherman that were coming on that ice that the fishing was terrible......yes its a circus.....yes its a small space.......yes as you all, i'm discusted over people leaving garbage........but its a public park and everyone has the right to enjoy that resource, and the fish within it. For the first time in my life I caught seneca lake perch........... and loved it!
  11. true that my friend. been busy chasing kids but we will hammer the spring! see ya soon, kevin
  12. not saying you cant get them, but I know justin and myself at the same and different times fished the heck out of October with no result. bite was good till lake level dropped. Didnt bother the tiger bite though. like deer hunting,....gotta keep going even when the eyes of the rod freeze. there feeding somewhere in there.
  13. Justin, If you and I lived out there between Cayuta and Conesus, we'd be having a ball with those eye's. As he said, and like I always said, fishing eyes fed on alewives ain't no riddle. while those alewife are in shore at night spawning those walleyes will be gulping them down. Fish with your ears boys and ride the surface, youll catch em like bass on jitterbugs. sometimes in less than 2 foot of water! and Bigfoot, you wont like em anyway cause just like Owasco, they won't taste good to ya! I had some lastnight from Owasco and they were Awesome!!!!!!!!
  14. Great job!!!! wait till the bait starts stacking up in that area in another month, it will get crazy for all species.
  15. You wrote: Good to see stopping the walleye stocking is getting our trout to have a chance to grow! Just maybe it was the state reducing the amount of lake trout that allowed your trout a chance to grow. I can assure you all those eyes are on alewife not trout diets, and although they competed, no way have they ever competed like the thousands of lakers that vacum every smelt and alewife that go by it. you wonder why there is so many 3-6 pound lakers? By Fact, that is a key reason to your lack of other trout species. Read this : Interaction between adult lake trout abundance and recruitment of stocked salmonines in Cayuga and Seneca Lakes By Dan Bishop who is one of the top fishery guys now in Cortland. Dan is a great guy, but he shared in this thesis that to many lake trout stocked in lakes were the blame for lack of abundance or recruitment as its called of other trout species, which would include Browns, Rainbows, etc. This set a precident that was all but ignored after heavy stocking of laketrout in Owasco lake..........rainbow and brown declined due to forage decline, but something had to be blamed........and the walleye that were being stocked took it on the chin. congrats on your win, great to see a nice rainbow pick. They are an awesome fish But please get more facts than a state based opinion before you blame the fish that I love and fish for in that lake. How about we all agree it was a little mis-management, and not just the walleye, ok Kevin Truman
  16. club used to stock until 2007. state shut them down and even with multiple letters of support with many sigs, the state said no deal. the guy who was head of the stocking with owasco lake anglers assoc. keeps trying to convince the state, but the state has its mind set on the continuation of lake trout stocking and the potential of rainbow and brown stocking over walleye. for those of you who got the survey in the mail, which was randomized to lake residents and diary operators( who are mostly all trout folk anyway) saw that laketrout were automatic, BUT you had to choose between brown/rainbow, OR Walleye but not all. Not even room for comment. Never have I seen such a one sided survey in my life! But hey, I love all fish and will make due, Im a night guy, and know how to catch em. these eyes will last for a few more years, and cant wait until someone hammers a monster in the 12-14 pound range. It may be just the attention we need to get some eye support back here. As I always say, Walleye might not of helped the issue in terms of another predator introduced to the system years ago, but they were NOT the sole cause of the rainbow and brown decline in this lake. my 2 cents as always kevin
  17. bout time you throw those free loaders to the curb brother, nice fish, wish we could of hooked up to fish Friday! keep putting the hammer down.
  18. I know they got the extention for Gas Conversion Decision until December. Does anyone know if they are down for maint. Been since the first week in april that I haven't seen smoke/steam from the stack. Just wondering. thanks, kevin
  19. Take this for what it is worth, Heard it from a real reliable source today who saw the survey. 2000 random surveys went out. of the questions asked, #8 wanted you to make a clear choice, either Rainbow/Brown or Walleye If this question was not answered the survey was nullified. there was no comment section on the survey. heard of the 2000, they were in reciept of around 70 responces. I heard the survey results closed today. this could be speculation rumor, i have no difinitive fact other than someone who is very involved. if true, all I gotta say is WOW!!!!!!!
  20. Fella's , all said dont wage this war. I am a Walleye hard core fisherman in that lake and a fish biologist graduate out of the Cornell program. I love all fish but you all pointing at walleye, when your missing the over stocking , over balance of adult lake trout in that lake. As you all know, they are vicious predators that have had their own impact on rainbow and Browns. Want Fact: One, Read Dan Bishop's Thesis on the impact of too many adult lake trout and how they negatively affect recruitment of other salmonids in a system. was conducted on Cayuga lake back in the day. Second, those alewife which we all love are not only great at making fish fat, but they are high in thiamase, which affects reproduction, and they stay in shore all summer into august spawning, and eating everything up to 16mm. I believe this was the size supported in the Tunison study of alewife predation based on Owasco alewife samples. Thats alot of fry consumed and alot of fish that are rendured infertile after a life on the alewife feedbag. Third, stocking sites, other than the outlet, which has its own predator balance of Northerns, Largmouths, Rockbass and Perch along with walleye that fry have to get through, stocked fish have a tough time surviving being dumped off Ensenore, where the highest volume of lakers are thought to be, and those rainbow getting stocked in the outlet are really helping the lake. Four, for you old timers out there, when was the last time you caught 10-12 pound lakers out of the lake on average? Yeah there are alot of lakers and you can always bend a rod but...... Are walleyes at fault for this? or is there just too many lakers. I have caught a large number of walleye on that lake in the spring and fall, only found alewife and perch in their bellys, never a trout. Am I saying Walleye will not eat trout? No Can walleye compete? the answer is yes. When prey species like smelt and alewife are down, too many predators is not a good thing. but I have experienced great smelt runs the last 4 years there and the alewifes Boil in large numbers all summer long since ive been there in 2005. additionally as long as the nutrient load is high, their will be enough phyto-and zooplankton to support smelt, alewife, asian clam, zebra muscle, quaga muscle, spinny water flea, etc. Have walleye been stocked since 2007? No. Has the Rainbow and Brown fishing rebounded in the past six years? No. So ask yourself, were Walleye really the problem or were they just a small part of the overall mismanagement of the fishery that are taking all the blame. Remember, Walleye never were really thought to be a problem until the state put the blame on them in public making the walleye their scapegoat. As stated in the beginning, I love all fish guys, and the crew from the state.... there doing their best, however, .That lake can support walleye and trout, it just needs to be managed for it. I haven't been doing enough looking cause I can't find that survey anywhere, will relook at the state sight. My 2 cents supported by some experience and research fact. Kevin
  21. lyk2fish


    lymphocystis, like acne but for fish, it comes and goes. eat em up.
  22. lyk2fish

    Oneida 11/3

    oneida is great, but when the big girls want to dance like they did at otisco last week ya gotta hit it!!!!!!!
  23. Rusty wrote " Head to onieda if you want walleyes" Tell you what, you pay my gas and I will go. Interesting how the state claimed walleyes were the problem. They havnt been stocked since 2007. and the browns and rainbows still arent back strong........hmmmmmm....maybe too many laketrout??????? thats all the state wanted to stock for a while, even admitted to stocking too many. Havent even seen a laker over 11lb caught in a couple of years. Talk to the old timers, owasco was a walleye lake way before it was a trout lake. Also what is interesting when someone catches a walleye out there it almost never gets released were as the lakers most people throw back. dont get me wrong man, I love all the fish, but both walleyes and trout can survive together in that lake. the stocking ratio needed to be controlled better. between the smelt and alewife, there is plenty of bait over the last few years compared to the other fingers. Walleye may have competed with Browns and Rainbows but they were not the sole reason for that lakes rainbow and brown decline.
  24. Don't Hassell the Hoff baby!!!!!! Nice report Dave. Truman
  25. Selling my lowrance X125. Great unit in great working condition. comes with power head, transducer that reads surface temp, new power cable, and cover. This unit will also read surface speed with optional speed wheel. Selling because I have upgraded to an elite series. Asking $150.00, please call me at 607-743-5750 with any questions as I do not check PM's as much as I should. Located in the Binghamton area. Thanks, Kevin
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