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  1. i would like to thank everyone for wishing me a happy b day
  2. Happy Birthday Fishstalker, enjoy your day, sit back ,relax, and have a cold one or two or three
  3. 6 inch of ice with snow cover
  4. ok rick here got to my spot at 7 30 started fishing 7 45 and not telling anyone my spot either there pike trout and perch there
  5. starting fishing at 7 30 got to my spot 7 45 drill the first hole starting drilling second hole first one bending over ith a nice perch on it i was doing pretty good till both rod went off at the same time started bring up the first one and then then second gone rod and reel throught the ice but i had a nice day even if i lost rod and reel throught the ice
  6. Well Paul and i talk today and everything is ok mike waterhouse is going to be the man now doing the pro am at the oak this one is growing every year
  7. i have heard throught the grape vines that they are looking for someone to take it over has anyone else hear this, does anyone know who s taking it over. and why is it a big secert because i saw gene the other day from 4 c and he not going to do it this year i thought he did a good job we will miss him
  8. gee there goes my program thanks guys that was my weapon now everyone know but free spirit did someone say party let get it on gee even a comment from mr tom allen
  9. how easy is it to start when it mounted on the bow and ready to draw back to shoot that big monster
  10. nice buck spooky and you even gave him a treat
  11. nice going sean that a nice pair of bucks
  12. nice buck there alot of bucks being taken
  13. Them rages are deadly nice buck congrats
  14. This deer was under me for 10 min walking around with not a care in the world
  15. that is a nice buck i would shoot him you can t eat the horns
  16. nice job matt more fun then fishing
  17. greg nice job on the tracking job what broadhead did you use to down that deer
  18. we you all miss sam he was a good guy to hang with my you R I P and my the fish gods be with you
  19. Well got in my stand at 4 15 tonight, had a bambi walk by me at 18 yards ,then about 5 30 had 2 tom s going at it, then hell broke lose 9 diffrent does coming out just at dark could nt get a shot off, it was to dark to places the pin for a shot so i had to wait till they all left the area to get down from my stand there time will come when a rage throught the cage will down at least 2 or more .
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